Whether you are planning to travel to Dubai for a week, or are a long term resident there considering to get a rented car, you should be well aware of the whole process before you commit to it. If you are looking to rent a car Dubai, then look no further and OneClickDrive in here:

  1. The car cannot travel outside UAE: This is a very important factor to consider. While you can drive your rented car anywhere you like within the borders of UAE, taking it outside those lines is strictly prohibited unless you have taken permission beforehand from your agency. 
  2. Insurance Policy: You should scrutinize the insurance policy before buying, as many times a damaged or lost car isn’t covered unless specifically mentioned. 
  3. Driving License: The rules differ for this depending on the nature of your stay when you opt for car rental services in Dubai. A tourist unless from the eastern gulf or European countries typically requires an IDP. An international license although ensures full freedom. In case of a resident, you need both a UAE license, as well as need to pass the driving test from any RTA-approved Driving Institute. 
  4. Security Deposit: All car rentals will require you to submit a Security Deposit amount in advance in case of any accidents, or damages. Most rentals only accept Credit Cards, while some may accept cash as well. 
  5. Age Limit: The minimum age for the driver requires to be at least 21 years in order to get the allowance to rent a car. 
  6. Accident Policies: While these may differ between various rentals, the driver must immediately inform the police in case of an accident, and the rental service in case of any damages, where they may or may not be liable to pay for the same. 
  7. Traffic Fines: The driver is expected to pay for all the traffic Fines, where the amount might be cleared out daily or be added to the final bill after the rental period is over. 
  8. Facilities: For any extra facilities like a navigator, or even a chauffeur, you will obviously be charged more, but you can avail various comforts through these rentals. 
  9. Registration: Avoid renting a car without any valid or expired registration. This is one of the most important things you must make sure before the handover of the vehicle. 
  10. Vehicle Condition: If you are wise, you will want to make sure the condition of the vehicle whether it is a luxurious one or a simple one. With a wide variety, you will never run out of choices, so go for the best vehicle. 

As long as you go through the terms and conditions of the car rental meticulously, there should be no complications in the future. Car rentals will also help you to save some bucks required for public transportation.