10 Trending Debate Topics for College Students in 2019

A debate session is among the most challenging yet exciting events in your college life. The excitement of having to persuade someone about something because you believe it’s right is unparalleled. During debate sessions, you have to work together with your teammates to ensure you win.

As a student, you need to learn about teamwork. Once you get employed, you’ll be required to work as part of a team to achieve a common goal.

As exciting as debates are, they’re challenging as well. You need to conduct enough research to ensure you can support your argument. Take advantage of the school’s library and find out as much as you can about the topic you’re to debate.

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Here are ten trending debate topics for college students you can check out.

1.  Is Global Warming a Problem we should Be Prioritizing?

Climate change and global warming have been a pressing issue for years now. Many activists have come forth to try and drive change among the human race. Most recently, we’ve had Greta Thunberg, who’s only 16 years old.

According to Greta, people should change their lifestyle if they want to give the planet a surviving chance. This is an excellent topic for a college debate session because it’s not only diverse; it’s the talk of the town at the moment.

2. Can the Law Keep up with the Rate at which Internet Technology is developing?

To uphold human dignity and fairness in the world, we cannot entirely depend on spontaneous ethical behaviors. This would be quite naïve and ill-advised. There have to be regulations put in place to reinforce the rule of law seriously.

However, from the look of things, it seems like technological developments are happening so fast that the law cannot keep up. There is an evident cat-and-mouse game between economic actors and regulation creators.

3. Do Smartphones have Long-Term Adverse Effects on the Brain

This is a discussion that has been around for a while. Even though smartphones give us access to so much, it’s clear that they have side effects as well. Many have joked about the fact that smartphones are making the next generation dumber and dumber.

There is some truth in this because unlike in the past where kids used their creativity to solve problems, today they turn to the internet with the smallest of issues.

4. Should the Voting Age be lowered?

Millennials and Generation Z are of the idea that the voting age is lowered. Today’s youth are more involved in politics than youths in other generations. They, too, want to use their voice to make a change.

There is so much that is happening to today’s youth when they have no say over which policies should be put in place or which bills should be passed into law. By lowering the voting age, many youths will have the opportunity of contributing to a nation’s development.

On the flip side, many believe that younger people cannot quite understand what is good for a nation.

5.  Our Next President should be a Woman

The number of countries across the globe that have had female presidents are countable. It’s about time women took positions of power. Over the years, women in power have proven that they can lead as well as their male counterparts.

6. Why We Should Embrace Green Living

In connection with climate change, many have decided to go green. Green living not only conserves the environment, but it also ensures that you lead a healthy lifestyle. This is a suitable topic for discussion because there are so many sub-topics students can specialize in.

7. Is Religion an Outdated Concept

People have been uncomfortable about atheism for years now. However, it has gain popularity to the point that many are wondering if religion is an outdated concept.

This is a controversial topic that should be addressed with the consideration of people’s beliefs in mind. To effectively discuss such a topic, you have to keep an open mind and be ready to listen to what the other party has to say.

8. Should Governments Completely Ban Cigarettes

Enough scientific research shows that smoking cigarettes puts people at risk of contracting lung cancer. However, governments cannot ignore that tobacco significantly boosts the economy.

9. What are the Ethical Implications on Hunting in Today’s Modern Age

Humans are no longer hunters and gatherers, but we still have citizens who pride themselves in their hunting skills. Is it right to keep killing wild animals in the name of a sport?

10. Schools do not offer 100% of Life Skills We Need to Survive

Issues about the efficiency of the curriculum in preparing students for the real world have been raised before. What can be done to ensure schools offer students the life skills they need?


There you have it, ten debate topics you can delve into as a college student.