13 Things Your Competitors Do To Hit It Big On Instagram

If you are trying to become more popular on Instagram, there are many ways for you to do so. In fact, there’s so many that a lot of users get lost in the shuffle because they keep trying one strategy after another. One of the key ways to not suffer the same fate is through Instagram management.

When someone manages your Instagram account, you will be able to depend on them for better advice on your own approach, the provision of content, tactics when it comes to hashtags, and a variety of other strategies. Below are 13 things that your competitors are doing that helped them hit it big on Instagram. You can buy instagram followers on famoid.

1. SEO on Instagram

Using SEO on Instagram may seem like a weird idea because SEO is often associated with your own website. However, using a similar strategy that already works for your website will earn you fantastic results.

2. Authenticity is key

How often do you encounter posts on Instagram that feel likeless? You will feel more inclined to tap on someone’s bio for the link if the post feels authentic to you.

3. Instagram is not your billboard

Instagram should not be used solely as a way for you to promote yourself. Put out content that betters your audience first, you second. Using it only as a way to put out promotional materials is the wrong approach.

4. Scheduling your posts

Nothing turns people off of another user than being flooded with that user’s content. Make sure that you schedule your posts effectively to avoid getting unfollowed.

5. Your brand isn’t a competition

Hosting a contest to encourage engagement is a great way to boost numbers all across the board, but always doing it will make people perceive your page as a competition instead of a company.

6. Moving the goalposts

Every now and then, you should consider moving the goalposts depending on how successful you have been so far. This will help you identify where you may be lacking.

7. Ideal doesn’t mean right now

Just because a certain strategy seems like it will work does not mean that you should pull the trigger on it right away. Wait it out and look at the numbers before doing so.

8. Planning your Instagram Stories

Although Instagram Stories is supposed to be a way to upload instantaneous content, you should still plan it out to take full advantage of it through Instagram management.

9. Disconnect yourself from time to time

Too much engagement can be detrimental for your Instagram account. You should be accessible but not too connected that you take away interaction between your followers.

10. Following the trends

Going along with the trends may sound like a negative especially if you are trying to stand out but there are ways to do just that while still taking advantage of the attention a hashtag is getting.

11. An effective call to action

A call to action should elicit a response no matter who is reading it. Make them feel compelled to do what you ask them to do.

12. Subtitles and closed captions

Not everyone is going to browse Instagram with the sound on. Make sure these people would not feel tuned out of your account.

13. Have fun

Social media has always been about fun. Prioritize fun over everything else.