Day: November 18, 2019


Choosing Your Steps in the Right Childcare Centers

  Just thinking about the end of maternity leave, if your choice was to use the services of a day care center, nursery or school, beats that cold in the belly, after all you will have to leave your precious little baby in the care of strangers. Now with the early childcare centres in Botany […]

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Outfits That Work for Any Occasion

Investing in quality, long-lasting pieces is important! Fast fashion is always tempting, however, the materials aren’t all that healthy, the pieces don’t last long at all and it’s overall not kind to our environment. Shopping for well made, statement items is better for your style, wardrobe and carbon footprint, so making the switch to slow, […]

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Are you an SBI customer? Start enjoying the best benefits and save more from the cheap things from now!

State Banks of India (SBI), India’s largest lender and the public sector bank have now announced that the interest on the fixed deposits is getting revised now. The interest rate that you need to pay for the different loans that you have taken will be less considerable. This includes the interest rate for the home, […]

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Features of Sole Proprietorship 

Sole Proprietorship in simple words is a one-man business organization. It is the type of entity that is fully owned and managed by one natural person (not a legal person/entity) known as the sole proprietor. The business and the man are the same; it does not have a separate legal entity. A sole proprietorship usually […]

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