3 accessories that will guarantee your iPhone’s security

It is known that all electronic devices have an approximate lifespan. When we are talking about smartphones, the average lifespan is considered to be about 2,5 years, but that time may vary according to how you handle your device.

Whether you have a new iPhone, and are trying to be extra careful with it, or an older model, and need to prolong its lifespan, we gathered some suggestions that will help you guarantee your iPhone’s security — from custom cases to software configurations.

1 – Custom phone case

The first thing we look for to protect our smartphones is a case that will prevent physical damages. Although Apple and every other smartphone company are in a continuous effort to increase the phone’s resistance to water, heat, and falls, having a case is mandatory to provide extra protection.

If you have a clumsy tendency, it is strongly advised you look for an anti-shock case. This model usually has a double layer that prevents any damages, even if your phone falls face down from a considerable height. Nevertheless, if that is not the case, you can choose from a wide range of themed cases and pick one that really translates your personality.

2 – Screen protector

Since we have spoken about protecting your phone from external damages, it is also important you pay extra attention to your screen. Even though the screen glasses are more resistant each year, it is always good to take additional care.

Here, we must say there is no need to worry about lowering the touch performance because of the screen protector: nowadays, screens and touch technology have improved in such a way that will recognize your digital and touch commands even with a glass screen protector.

3 – Privacy settings

It is common knowledge that Apple has the best security system, so iPhone users are usually not a bit concerned with viruses or malware. Nevertheless, since most of the apps are connected with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it is important to pay attention to the configuration settings to prevent your phone from connecting to unknown devices or networks.

Always use two-factor authentication (2FA) in your phone and apps. To provide extra safety, always mix two types of security pass, like Face ID and a PIN, or Touch ID and a pattern. This method mixes “what you are” (face, digital) with “what you have” (PIN or pattern).

Pay attention to avoid leaving your phone unlocked. Also, reduce the lock screen timeout to the minimum possible — the safer option is set to “never”. In addition to that, you should hide your notifications preview, especially when your phone is locked. That will prevent snoopers from knowing something personal about you that can pop up while you are not around.

4 – Security tips

One thing you must verify is if the USB Restricted Mode is turned on. This is an important configuration to prevent what is called “juice jacking” — a threat that can install malware or steal private information from your iPhone through the USB charging port. Setting this function on will prevent that from happening.

Since we spoke about the USB charging port, we must stress the importance of using only original cables, chargers, and other gadgets you may want to connect to your phone. Using devices from other brands rather than Apple may decrease your phone’s lifespan.

Last, but not least, always keep your apps and phone software updated. Outdated Operating Systems (OS) are more susceptible to viruses and malware that use minor bugs and loopholes to hack and steal personal data. Updates correct the bugs and keep your phone more secure.