3 Cheap Guest House with Beautiful View in Bandung

If you need the view of the mountain that interspersed with mist once the morning comes as you gaze from your place, then you can appreciate these guest houses. There is no breakfast at PuriBernadi, and there is a snack shop; however, it will not feel complete if it is just a bite. So in case you wish to proceed here, bring snacks and maybe salty noodles to get a stomach before going out looking for breakfast.

Here are 3 recommended cheap guest house with beautiful view in Bandung.

Bukit Cikahuripan Resort

As its name implies, this resort is right on the incline of the hill, to get here the road is not easy. You’ll be spoiled with an incredibly charming all-natural panorama. Green hills, as far as the eye can see, you may see.

The nightly rate at Bukit Cikahuripan is around IDR 600,000. However, one room can be for six people, and there are four single bedrooms, one big sofa, two baths with hot & cold water, and cable tv. The above price does not include breakfast; for breakfast, the cost begins from IDR 25,000.

De’Halimun Guest House

With a clean and lovely colonial-style building, De’Halimun became a cozy choice for sleeping at a pocket-friendly price. Not only has a gorgeous room, but De’Halimun also has a cozy pub. With a rate of about IDR 200,000 per night, De’Halimun is suitable for you who are searching for a comfy and clean spending budget hotel. Galunggung 29, Bandung. Having a total of 15 rooms, Le Nostalgie made the rooms with interest. Though it doesn’t have a mountain or forest panorama, it seems as though it is still beautiful sleep here. The speed at La Nostalgie starts from IDR 400,000 / night. The ordinary guest who would like to keep this is satisfied since the slain support is friendly, the area is also beautiful and comfortable.

Sharia Cottage Wooden Houses

As its name suggests that the Wooden House is indeed made from timber, this cottage combines natural timber accents with enchanting natural scenery.

Speed in this Cottage Wooden House starts from IDR 400,000. Cozy rooms with garden shades set in the hills are perfect for you who’re searching for a calm all-natural atmosphere. The atmosphere is cold, the air is peaceful, and it can make you feel in your home.

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