3 Common Myths and Facts about Surgical Bras

If you’ve planned to undergo a breast lift or any other cosmetic surgery for breast, remember that the story doesn’t end with the operation.

You need to care a lot for your newly augmented breasts and one of the most important factors to consider in this is surgical bras.

There are a lot of myths about wearing surgical and other bras post-surgery. If you want all the benefits of the surgical bra to maintain the amazing results, you need to shatter these myths and know the facts.

Myth 1 – Surgical Bras are Uncomfortable and Unattractive

Fact – Surgical bras are designed as per the latest technology and are made from the best and certified materials.

Their unique finishing and special features offer high level of comfort and practicality in daily life during the entire recovery process and even after that.

Each compressive bra undergoes extensive testing to see if the design offers comfort and the correct look.

Myth 2 – Only a Cotton Bra is Good

Fact – Many women think that only a cotton bra is good to wear after a breast surgery since synthetic and elastic bras can cause allergic reactions.

But the fact is that surgical bras are created with comfort in mind and therefore they offer a special seamless design that helps the healing process.

The materials used in a surgical bra undergoes stringent testing and don’t contain latex. Latex is the substance that triggers skin allergic reactions.

The materials used in the surgical bras are highly airy and maintain a natural microclimate, and remove humidity through the external layer.

And if you can’t live without cotton, you can get surgical bras made of cotton too. This bra avoids skin irritation and is comfortable as well as it offers steady and essential compression of your breasts.

Myth 3 – Wearing No Bra is Beneficial for Some Period Post-surgery

Fact – After you get your professional breast lift surgery in Coffs Harbour by PCLS Coffs Harbour for example, it’s very important to have breast support.

This is important for any breast surgery, no matter whether it’s lift, augmentation or reduction. It takes time till your breasts attain the final results.

Since your breasts need good care and support during the recovery period, wearing a special bra is very much important.

Surgical bra is specially designed to provide special support and compression to breasts that have undergone a surgery.

For example, if you’ve undergone breast augmentation Coffs Harbour from PCLS Coffs Harbour, the implants are surrounded by your tissue and both implants and tissue need support and compression.

If you don’t wear a surgical bra both of them won’t be supported and compressed and the implants can change their position and the tissue can loosen and ultimately drop.

These undesirable consequences can adversely affect your breasts resulting in an extensive asymmetry.

Surgical bras are designed to be worn especially after a breast surgery for a reason. They offer the compression the surgical site needs a lot.

So, remove all the doubts from your mind because even your surgeon will also suggest you to wear the surgical bra. Obey them and have wonderful results.