3 Favorite Lembang Tours for Holidays

Various famous and favorite attractions for tourist destinations in Bandung and surroundings are sure to be the center of prey for indigenous destinations like tourist and definitely the exodus of out-of-town tourists, especially residents of the capital city of Jakarta and surrounding regions, will fill all the attraction for tourist points of the city nicknamed Paris Van Java. Have you decided the option of Bandung destinations for tourist for you along with your nearest and dearest? Otherwise, here is the list of recommendations for 3 tourist attractions in Lembang, Bandung.

  1. Bamboo Village Leisure Park

It is located at Jalan Colonel Masturi KM 11, Situ LembangCisarua, West Bandung. Bamboo Hamlet has become a tourist center prey for tourists out of Jakarta and overseas nations like from Malaysia and the Middle East.

The attraction for tourist of DusunBambu is also, in the foot of Mount BurangrangLembang, which makes it one of those natural attractions of the highlands of the Bandung hills with a panoramic view of the remarkable all-natural scenery and a freezing, foggy atmosphere. Another attraction is as one of the top places to eat in Bandung (Cafe and Resto) and a romantic place to Maintain at Bandung (Villa)

Attractions in Bandung are greatest for families from the DusunBambu holiday season, very readily available from the city center and very near other preferred attractions like TangkubanPerahu Volcano, The Maribaya Lodge, and many others.

  1. Elephant Village

It’s is located on SersanBajuri KM 3.8 road, Cihideung Village, West Bandung ParongpongLembang sub-district. Elephant Village is an incorporated tourist center and becomes a sufferer for tourists on weekends and extended vacations.

The appeal for tourist destination of Elephant Village wonderland is also to its location in the highlands of these hills, so while you enjoy a wide assortment of thrilling and fun game rides, you’ll be very knowledgeable about the tourist destination that has beautiful all-natural scenery and trendy setting. His favorite is the water boom of Gajah village.

The place is quite close to popular attractions for tourist destinations in Lembang like the Cihideung blossom garden, culinary tourist spots, and many others.

  1. Floating Market

Indonesia also has a floating market in Lembang, or popularly known as Floating Market Lembang, using its address at Jalan Grand Hotel No 33, Lembang Bandung Barat.

Friend traveler, which is the principal attraction of Lembang Bandung Floating Market tour is where along with a lake that goes wide and encompassed by beautiful panoramic views of the green Lembang landscape there are assorted retailers selling distinct culinary menus that vary from average Bandung meals, Indonesia to international nations in luggage of ships lined up neatly.

Another attraction is the best attraction for tourist in Bandung for this particular family vacation is that there are a whole lot of enjoyable and enjoyable game rides that may be played for all ages. What’s popular now from the floating market is the largest Railway Miniature Park in Indonesia.

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