3 Most Important Activities To Improve SEO Ranking

Hello guys, welcome to the era of digital world; where many business are developing their business ideas from offline marketing to online marketing. Here all businessman always decides to engage the crowd from all over the world & get traffic or attention to their industries.

So every business should have three major field to grow their business in minimum time. So here are the field that every marketers should know in their business.

  1. Make website & rank on Search engine 1st page.
  2. Active in all social platforms where your consumers are active.
  3. Giv best service to your users for long consumer-company relations.

Now those who do their website search engine optimization for better ranking. For all beginners who don’t know how to rank your website in particular keyword, don’t worry we will tell you basic activities which are important to rank your site in first page.

  • Keyword Research
  • Now audience search related to your business should reach to your website for better growth & traffic.
  • Rank your url on particular these keywords like best, cities, countries etc lets say we have the word Digital Marketing Agency so we keep 5 most keyword difficulty, 5 medium difficulty, 5 low level difficulty keywords.
  • For eg:- digital marketing, digital marketing agency, digital marketing company, online marketing company in mumbai.
  • Go for long tail keyword to rank the words and then rank your broad keywords or exact keywords to improve your seo better.


  • Onpage activity
  • This is the activity to share the details to the search engine to provide quality content to the users who search related to their service.
  • In this activity we share the details like titles, description, meta tags, etc.
  • It will help your website to attract your consumers in your business.
  • It is the front-end of seo.
  • Off-page activity
  • It is the most important part of seo.
  • It helps your website to connect with different platforms. It generates lots of quality backlinks to get traffic in particular links.
  • It has many techniques like social networking, social bookmarking, local listing, image submission and many more.
  • The difference between on-page and off-page activity is 60-70% ratio of on-page because it represents your website with words. So there is only 30-40% ration to generate backlink from different sites to connect with them and get a good response.
  • So this activity is the backend of search engine optimization.
  • Now this activity is marketing their website.
  • Every techniques has ita own process to generate links for website.
  • When users don’t use search engine they go to social platforms and search their queries or buy the products from social platforms. So this activity also works in social media and generate urls.

So if you want to rank your website in all search engines like bing, yahoo, google and many more so you can apply these 3 techniques with your website and rank your link in every keyword to generate traffic. If you want to rank your website on first page then you can contact digital marketing company in mumbai to give best work to you.