3 popular things to do with your smartphone nowadays

With smartphones playing even more important roles in our lives, communication is no longer their only purpose. There’s so much more in store, from organizing calendars and events and meeting new people to learning the guitar and planning trips. As we explore the endless opportunities the mobile world has to offer, let’s focus on 3 increasingly popular activities you can do on your smartphone. 


While some people consider meditation to be boring or even useless, others think it is actually very helpful when it comes to controlling your emotions, gaining inner peace and increasing your self-awareness. Given the fast-paced world we live in, it’s becoming even more important to find the time to take a deep breath and relax. In fact, many researchers suggest meditation is the key to leading a happier and healthier life, as well as achieving professional success. 

And believe it or not, it’s technology that can help you tap into your inner Zen, with mobile meditation apps like Insight Timer and Stop, Breathe & Think rising to prominence. 

Budgeting & Trading

Even if your financial knowledge is basic, you’re probably aware of how important it is to stick to your budget and take control of your money in order to reach your long-term financial goals. And there are plenty of apps such as Mint and YNAB that might help you with that. One of the most important aspects of optimizing your budget is being able to grow your savings, which can then be put to good use. Or maybe you’re looking to earn some extra money to help with higher daily expenses? Here’s an option: start investing it wisely.

The good news is that online trading has never been easier. All you need is a smartphone and the right app, Trade360. Trading with Trade360’s highly professional platform and its wide range of features is a fantastic opportunity you simply can’t afford to miss out on, as this Trade360 review recommends. The company is fully authorized, licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), so you can rest assured that trading with Trade360 on your mobile is safe and secure.


Shopping directly from your mobile has become so popular that every retail company is now working on its digital strategy, trying to provide its customers with the most user-friendly and seamless experience possible. With the help of smartphones, that process is fast, efficient and stress-free and it comes as no surprise that so many high-tech brands have focused on developing apps and platforms that let you pay with your phone – Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal, LevelUp, and Square Order, to name but a few.

How can you know that you’ve got the best deal, though? There are apps for that, too! With the likes of ShopSavvy, you can compare the prices of products at a huge range of stores, to confirm that the deal you’ve found really is a bargain.