3 Ways an Access Control Door can Benefit Your Business


The biggest force for growth in the business security industry comes from their owners searching for solutions to secure their Utah businesses. These security systems allow users to lock and unlock doors using fob systems, digitally coded locks, or magnetic door releases.

An access control door or system can drastically improve day-to-day operations for your staff while giving your building extra security. Adopting an access control system will ensure the security of your business is not left up to chance. We’ve highlighted three ways an access control door will benefit your company.

#1 – Eliminate the dreaded “lost key” issue

The use of a fob, card, or code to gain access into the building, and certain rooms, eliminates the need for keys. When a Utah business hands out keys to staff, they leave themselves venerable to lost keys ending up in the wrong hands, which can lead to theft or vandalism.

Getting rid of traditional keys and implementing an access control system keeps your business safer and saves you time and money. No longer will you have to recut keys or change locks in the event of a lost key. Instead, electronic fobs or cards are programmed to work with your specific security system. If the fob or card is lost, the database can be updated and remove access entry, and just as easily, a new card can be programmed to grant access.

#2 – Full Control Over Who Enters & Leaves Your Business

Along with eliminating the “lost key” issue, giving your staff their own fobs or keycards allows you full control over who can enter your building and even which rooms. You can even control the time that a specific card works to increase security.

An effective access control system will protect you from disgruntled former or current employees, protecting data and sensitive information. If a former employee still had their fob or card in their possession, you could quickly update the database and revoke entry into the building.

#3 – Increase Security Safety and Productivity

Access control doors keep doors locked until the magnetic locking system is released by code, fob, or keycard. A Utah business owner can implement access security systems on various entry points such as doors into the building, parking gates, and other barriers to increase security levels. Also, studies have shown that employees who feel safe where they worked were more satisfied with their job, leading to higher productivity.

Regardless of the Utah business type you have, ensure that it is protected. Having a reliable access control door is one of the simplest ways to do so.

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