4 Easy Tips and Strategies for ACT Science Section


The ACT Science section test is slightly challenging than other sections. It is a far more different than your high school science class test. It is a test to check your ability of how well you can look up, analyze, synthesize information from tables, charts, passages, illustrations, and graphs, etc. You can score well if you have prepared well for the skills test but still, If you are wondering how to perform well in your ACT science section, here are few tips for scoring high in ACT with ACT test prep. These can help you increase your performance in the test and indeed improving your ACT score.

1.  Know the format of Science section for ACT test prep.

The format of the ACT science section is multiple-choice questions consisting of a total of 40 MCQ(s). You can answer the questions by reading the passages. There are seven passages of different topics including:-

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Earth and space science
  • Astronomy
  • Geology
  • Meteorology

Most of the questions are based on the passages. However, you may come across 2 to 3 question that requires your knowledge base to answer them. 

2. Know what type of Passages you will get in the Test.

The ACT science passages fall into three groups:

Chart and Graphs: Having five questions based on it.

Experiments: Having six questions based on it.

Opposing Viewpoints: It consists of seven questions for each passage.

3. Know which Passages to solve Now and Later.

Some ACT passages are easier than others. Some are truly easy, whereas some are truly tough to solve. Go through the passages and scan them, if you find the one that looks easier, answer that one first, and if you find any passage hard, move on and solve the next one. Don’t spend too much time trying with tougher one, spend your time solving the one that you can answer more quickly. You can also use these methods while answering the questions of each passage.

4. Practice the Rule of Elimination.

You can use this rule for solving questions of all section of the ACT, as there are multiple-choice questions, there is one correct answer hidden with the wrong options. If you can find the wrong ones, and eliminate the wrong choices, then you can answer more accurately. Even eliminating two wrong answers can help you get the chances of the correct answer.

So these were few tips to follow with ACT test prep to improve your score