4 Essential Skills Rec to Rec Firms Look for

Recruitment to recruitment agencies specialise in hiring recruitment consultants. Recruitment agencies are expected to hire the professionals as they are in the business of recruiting candidates for various positions; this is not the case. Rec to rec London agencies know where to look for specialist hiring consultants and help recruitment companies focus on the core business. Their vast network of contacts enables them to recruit the best professionals for the job. Recruitment to recruitment companies look for some essential qualities, skills and traits when hiring a recruitment consultant. They include the following.

Communication Skills

Most advertised recruitment consultant jobs London require potential candidates to possess excellent communication skills. Rec 2 Rec London professionals act as mediators between the prospective employee and the employer by negotiating a beneficial agreement for both parties. HR personnel and candidates have a busy professional life, which can be challenging and frustrating for recruiters hence, having excellent communication skills enables them to:

  • Network: A recruitment professional with excellent communication skills can connect with experienced talent better and expand their network.
  • Build relationships: Recruitment to recruitment agencies London also look for professionals that can quickly build relationships with the employer and the employee.
  • Sharing information: Recruiter with excellent communication skills tend to create open lines of communication with employers and potential candidates to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Ability to Ask Questions

The best consultants should have exceptional questioning skills. This does not only include interrogating potential candidates but having the ability to ask the right questions. If you don’t have adequate information, you can’t recruit the right candidate. As a result, the employer may experience high short-term turnover and may no longer engage the recruiter when hiring employees. Asking the right questions enables the recruiter to understand the needs and motivations of the candidate and find a technical and cultural fit for the position. Most employers value candidates who can easily complement the existing workforce.

Conversant with the Current Acquisition Trends

Rec 2 rec agencies look at the candidate’s understanding of the industry. The recruitment professionals should be well-versed with the technical requirements of various roles and how they fit into the company. The recruiter should understand what motivates the candidate in a specific industry. This is particularly important when engaging with senior candidates or passive talent.


The recruiter should show significant commitment to the recruitment process. It’s not just about getting a job as a recruitment professional but ensuring the client/employer finds a suitable candidate for the position. As such, the professional should understand the requirements of the candidate and the employer. Also, he should be fully dedicated to finding the right match. Without committing adequate time and effort, then all the other skills he may have become ineffective.

Finding and hiring the recruitment professionals in different sectors demands expertise most average recruitment agencies may not have. Rec to rec companies know the most essential skills, personality traits and motivations the candidate should have.