4 Tell-Tale Signs That You Need Roof Replacement

Having a roof over your head is one of your most basic needs. It goes to show how important it is to the structure of your house. As the sun beats relentlessly or the wind blows mercilessly, your roof is your first line of defence. It takes good care of you, and it is only fitting that you return the favour.

If you begin seeing these telling signs, it might be your turn to get a roof replacement:

  1. Your Roof is Celebrating its 20th Anniversary

When your roof turns 20, it may be a good time to consider replacing your roof. An asphalt shingle roof has a shelf life of 20 to 30 years, but many factors can accelerate its deterioration.

For instance, a lack of proper ventilation on your attic can cause excess heat and moisture to remain on your roof longer than they have to. The shingles may still look good from a cursory glance, but you would most likely see small cracks, breaks, and other problems upon closer inspection.

               2. The Shingles Are Curling, Cracked, or Missing  

The shingles on your roof can curl in two ways. First, the edges can curl upward, giving it a cup-like shape. Second, the edges can remain flat while the middle part goes up. Both are signs of deterioration that can cause leaks and other potential problems such as mould infestations.

Cracked or missing shingles are also signs of weathering that have similar harmful implications. If these are not isolated to a small portion of your roof, it might be time to consider a roof replacement.

                3. There Are Granules in the Gutter 

If you begin seeing granules on your gutter, chances are your shingles are worn and have bald spots. From the ground, these may look like darker or lighter patches, depending on the colour of your shingles. The loss of the granules itself would not cause leaks, but the deterioration of your shingles would increase exponentially since these granules provide protection.

              4. Part of the Roof Is Sagging

A sagging roof is a true sign that the structural integrity of your house has been compromised. While it is no reason for you to panic, you would need to act fast.

Call a contractor as soon as possible for immediate repair. Aside from having your roof replaced, you must correct the problems that caused the sagging of the roof in the first place. You can do this by asking the contractor to replace the flashing, repair the gutters, and improve the ventilation of your attic. You may also need to have angled braces installed to support the rafters or have the walls strengthened using chains joined in the middle by a turnbuckle and supported by a wall plate.

A new roof has many benefits beyond ensuring the comfort and safety of those under it. Roof replacement is a sound investment, enhancing the curb appeal of your house and increasing its value. It also costs less than the alternative of doing constant repairs for decades, saving you money in the long run.

Finally, the newest shingles in the market today are capable of reducing solar heat gain by deflecting sunlight instead of absorbing it, easing the load on your HVAC system, and reducing your energy bill.

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