4 travel adventures to add to your bucket list

Hiking or trekking through various mountains and trails is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the country’s natural beauty. When done with precaution and safety standards in mind, it can also be very rewarding for your mental and physical well-being.

With so many benefits, you may be thinking that a hiking adventure overseas would be a fun way to explore the outdoors and get to see another country in a way you never could have imagined – and you’re right! Here are 4 travel adventures you should add to your bucket list.

Tour Du Mont Blanc –

For the advanced hiker who wants to add site seeing along with endurance, the Tour Du Mont Blanc is a must. Tour Du Mont Blanc is a 12-day self-guided hiking trip that borders France, Italy, and Switzerland. Choose from a hotel, mountain hut, or tented overnight camping and truly experience these peaks like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Hawaii –

Stay local to the US or visit it for the first time by hiking through Hawaii. Known for its active volcanoes, various waterfalls, and ocean waves for days, Hawaii is a beautiful place to take a travel adventure.

Portugal –

An adventure vacation wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t include a destination with delicious food, safe surroundings, and lots of small cities to explore. When people think of Portugal, they often think of a non-populated place that they can get away from the hustle-and-bustle city life brings.

National Park –

Don’t have the budget to go all in and travel overseas, no problem. There are tons of local and national state parks you can explore right in the US and other countries. Do some research and find a list of national parks in or around your area to explore. Sometimes, the best gems are right at home!