5 Best Features to Look For In a Website to Sell Photos and Paintings

Budding artists these days choose to sell art through an existing platform. The advantage of doing so is not one but multiple. It allows artists to showcase their work in front of an already-existing audience. The available sales tools help them achieve their goals faster.

Painters and photographers can interact with the audience to know what they think about their work. Feedbacks play a major role in shaping an artist. Thriving on the same platform with expert artists can come out as a great learning experience for new artists.

When an artist puts his paintings for sale online, money is not the only reward he looks forward to. It brings to artists the appreciation and acknowledgement they need to proceed in their future endeavours.

However, before choosing the final website to sell paintings, an artist must do his own research and see for himself which one fits the purpose perfectly.

Exclusive features to look for in an online selling website

Selling work might not be the only agenda of artists who choose such online platforms. As such, he/she must vouch for the following features-

A wide social network connect- 

Exposure to a wider and more promising audience is likely to be more beneficial for budding artists. It helps sell art by reaching to the section of the people who equally love art and creativity.

Exciting contests and promising rewards- 

Certain websites include features like contests, where painters, photographers, and other artists can participate and compete with numerous artists. The tendency to compete is likely to better an artist’s skills and capabilities. Through these contests, one can also win prize money.

Safety of work- 

Look for websites which allow participants to post their work with a watermark. It assures the artist that the rights of his work will be preserved with him.

Ranking system- 

The ranking feature in online platforms allows artists to evaluate their talent. Ranking high is surely going to boost the confidence of a new artist. For instance, a newbie might end up ranking above someone who is an expert in the field. It is certainly going to encourage that particular artist. Even if anyone ranks lower, he/she has ample to learn. The artist can still look for scope for improvements and learn from his mistakes. 


Every artist puts a certain amount of hard work in preparing a piece of art. Although the price might not be the sole determinant of its value, it does play an important role. It is undoubtedly one of the primary reasons why a painter might have put his paintings for sale online. Make sure to look into the pricing structure of a website, and if it seems reasonable. Choose a platform where your work is sure to procure its ultimate worth.

Teaming up with the best website will have an artist engaged, and allow him to enhance his skills. It is almost like taking the first step towards becoming a professional.