5 Christmas Party Games To Try This December

The Christmas holidays are less than two months away. After a couple of years of families/friends having limited access to meet and greet, this should be the Christmas season when people will get the chance to celebrate in earnest. As part of the celebration, maybe playing popular Christmas party games will help kick the holiday festivities up a notch.

In the sections below, the information will focus on five (5) Christmas party games that have entertained families and friends for decades. You should take a look at this list and see if any of these games might appeal to you and your crew as you gather for the holidays.

1. Christmas Trivia Game

If you and your family have been celebrating Christmas all the years of your lives, there is a decent chance you all know quite a bit about this particular holiday season. If you and your friends/relatives are up to the challenge, your group might enjoy testing their holiday season knowledge with a Christmas Trivia Game. The game offers a fun way to express one’s knowledge and learn things one might not yet have learned. Here are a couple of sample questions you might encounter:

Sample #1: In the song “Jungle Bell Rock,” everyone is dancing and prancing. Where exactly are they doing this?” Answer: Jingle Bell Square

Sample #2: In the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” What did Clarence get as a reward for accomplishing his anointed task? Answer: He earned his Angel wings

2. Christmas Gift Exchange Dice Game

Below, the traditional “white Elephant” game has been listed. The Christmas gift exchange dice game is similar in some ways but different in other ways. Here’s a little tutorial on gameplay:

All participants start the game with a gift in hand. The first person in order takes a pair of dice and gives the dice a roll. Based on the result, they take action described for the dice roll number.

Prior to starting the game, the host should create a list of actions and assign them a dice number for numbers 2 through 12. Some of the actions you might want to choose to include:

  • Everyone passes their gift to the left
  • Everyone passes their gift to the right
  • Unwrap your gift
  • Select someone else to unwrap their gift
  • Swap gifts with any other participant

3. Christmas Let’s Make a Deal

By now, everyone should be familiar with the long-time game show called “Let’s Make a Deal” For the Christmas version, you would want to place gifts of escalating value in three numbered boxes. At random, you call on one of the party participants to come forward and select one of the boxes with the gift exposed. Keeping in mind that one of the gifts might be a “zonk,” they should be given a chance to keep the gift they selected or trade it one time for one of the other boxes.

To add a little spice to the game, participants can be asked to complete challenges in order to earn the right to select a box.

4. Reindeer Antler Ring Toss

It’s not exactly easy to find reindeer antlers, so plan ahead, so there is time to locate them. Hopefully, you can find some that are pre-attached to a hat. If not, a little glue or string might do the trick.

The objective of the game is to select a participant to wear the hat. As other party members toss rings, the antler bearer has to catch as many as possible without using their hands. The winner is the one who captures the most rings.

5. The Christmas Game – White Elephant Exchange

Like your best Christmas ornaments, Christmas is about tradition. The most traditional Christmas game might be “White Elephant.” The game is played as follows:

Each participant selects a number. Going in order, each person opens their gift. Before a participant opens their gift, they can choose to steal an opened gift from another participant. No single gift can be stolen more than three (3) times. The first person to open their gift will be the last person given a chance to steal.

If you can’t decide on which of these games to play, why not play them all?