5 Common Face Emojis You Can Use On Social Media

Many people use different emojis as part of their written posts or stories on social media. A particular emoji represents a specific meaning. That’s why anyone can use different emojis to convey how they feel or tell people what situation they experience. Like punctuations that have various purposes, emojis also have different connotations that readers should know. 

There are different emojis for particular emotions. If you’re sad, you can choose tons of options on the internet. If you’re tired and worn out, there are also available emojis you can pick. This time, take a look at the following best emojis below that you can use to tell your social media friends that you’re so happy. 

Grinning Face With Big Eyes Emoji

You might have used a happy face emoji on social media like the grinning face with big eyes emoji. It’s a symbol represented by a circular face with two eyes in a long and oval shape and a big smile. It has been a qualified emoji and part of Unicode 6.0 last 2010.

The grinning face with big eyes emoji shows joy, excitement, and happiness. If something good happened to you, like winning your team in a particular sport or even passing an exam at school, you can use and include this emoji to your Facebook post or IG stories. 

Grinning Face With Sweat Emoji

The grinning face with sweat emoji is an exciting emoji you can use. The symbol shows a grinning face with smiling eyes and a single drop of sweat in a blue color that usually appears over the left eye. This emoji means that someone is experiencing a particular relief from a problem, disaster, and other circumstances with difficulties and challenges. 

If you’re going to use this emoji on your social media posts, you’re also telling people that you’re hot and sweaty. You might have been jogging in the morning, so you can use this emoji to tell your friends you are happy even if you’re tired and sweaty after a physical exercise. 

Other people, especially men, will also use the grinning face with sweat emoji if they see or meet sexy girls in the streets or the shopping malls. Besides that, if you’re eating spicy food, you can also share this emoji with your friends to tell them you’re enjoying so much while sweating a lot in eating your spicy meal.

Rolling On The Floor Laughing Emoji

Emotions are sometimes difficult to express in words. If you want to express how you feel to your social media friends, it looks like merely saying you’re happy is not enough. That’s why you need to incorporate symbols to convey the exact meaning. The rolling on the floor laughing emoji is an example of a symbol that can help you. Other people and the internet identify it with an acronym: ROFL. 

It is presented by an image of a laughing face with tears of joy while leaning on the left side. It shows an image of uncontrollable laughter. You can usually find this kind of emoji given by the social media people on a posted or shared video or picture that will completely make you laugh. Hence, you can use this emoji to tell people about something that’s fun and hilarious. 

Face With Tears of Joy Emoji

Another exciting emoji with a cheerful face is the face with tears of joy emoji. It is represented by an image of a face laughing so hard while tears fall on its face. It has a few connotations when you use this emoji, depending on the sender’s current situation or the one who posted or shared it to any platform. 

When you use the face with tears of joy emoji, it means that you are beyond happy with what you’ve recently said or done. It is believed that when your tears come out while you laugh, your happiness is genuine. Your happiness truly comes from the heart. Some people will laugh so hard when they’ve heard, watched, or witnessed something so hilarious, making them have teary eyes while laughing. 

Upside-down Face Emoji

The upside-down face emoji is represented by an image of a smiley face in usually yellow color and is positioned upside down. Many people use this emoji on different social media platforms that would convey different meanings. 

You can incorporate this emoji in your written message for your Facebook posts or IG stories if your message’s content is sarcasm, irony, or even simple humor. It’s a way that you want to crack a joke to tickle your audience on social media to laughter. Some people use this emoji to show awkwardness, uncertainty, and even confusion playfully. 


Using emojis has been popular for many years. Many people love using different symbols, like emojis, to express anything they feel and think. It’s also used to tell people’s different emotions, suggestions, and different subjects that can be discussed under the sun. The list of emojis discussed above is only a few that you can find on the internet. If you haven’t tried once, explore the exciting and fun emojis to incorporate in your next social media posts and stories.