5 Lesser-Known Beaches in Orissa 

What comes to your mind when you think of the best beaches in India? Maybe Goa or Kerala?

Well, now it won’t. Once you explore these five offbeat beaches in Orissa, you will most probably forget about the other beaches out there. These beaches are underrated, but you are sure to be mesmerized by their beauty.

Orissa, as a state, is bestowed with a coastal front of nearly 460 km with an array of coconut and palm trees to add to the beauty. Also known as the ‘Goa of East’, Orissa is yet to achieve recognition for its oh-so-beautiful beaches.

Let us dive in to know about these unexplored waves of solace and calm. So pack your bag and book a reliable car rentals in Bhubaneshwar and wander through the coastline.

  • Puri Beach 

Commonly known as Jagannath puri, this place also houses a spectacular beach along with the magnificent temple of Lord Jagannath. While submerging into the spiritual quotient of Lord Jagganath, enjoy some ‘me time’ at this serene beach. 

  • Golden Beach

Minutes away from Puri Beach, this Golden beach does complete justice to its name. This place is synonymous with tranquillity and bliss, with the waves accompanying you far away from the city life. The term “golden” totally resonates with the breathtaking views that the beach offers during sunrise and sunset due to the intersection of golden sand with sunlight. 

  • Ramchandi Beach  

Situated by river Kusabhadra in the Bay of Bengal, the Ramchandi Beach got its name from the consort of Lord Sun named Goddess Ramchandi. The faith and devotion towards the deity bring many devotees to this beach every year. 

Moreover, it’s also one of the best surfing and water sports destinations in India due to the massive water flow.

  • Rushikulya Beach 

Rushikulya Beach is the perfect spot to unwind and surrender to the goodness of nature. Due to its location, it isn’t visited by many people. Hence you can enjoy your privacy here with your friends and family. Due to its stillness, you can also have a chance to witness the various endangered turtle species here.

  • Beleswar Beach 

The Beleswar Shiva Shrine and the Baleswar Beach nearby are the perfect specimen of mesmerising nature with divinity combined. Coupled with the religious belief, this place has its own splendid language of beauty conveyed through the silent waves and humming breeze. It is most crowded during the Mahashivratri festival, and it’s also the best time to visit this place.

Due to the beautiful waters and vast coastline, beaches in Orissa are the perfect spot for trying out thrilling water sports and rafting games. For adventure enthusiasts, it’s the perfect spot to experience the adrenaline rush. So escape to these offbeat beaches near Orissa and have the best time of your life.

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