5 Most Popular Employee Training Trends That Corporates Must Not Miss

Every new year brings with it new challenges and trends in the business sphere, making it essential for organizations to prepare their workforce for the upcoming challenges. So, as 2019 is half its way to completion, don’t you think its high time you must learn about the most popular employee training needs and start implementing them? The sooner you follow these trends to train your employees, the sooner you’ll stand strong against all the challenges that come your way. So, scroll down to get started.

Major Employee Training Trends To Follow

Presenting you a complete list of employee training trends that will help you plan employee development in a much better way.

  1. Experiential Learning

Most of the companies have already adopted content platforms for elearning. Based on AI recommendations, job-skills matching, historical learning data and others, these elearning platforms promote the most relevant content customized for end-users. In 2019, however, the major challenge is not job-specific content, but, availability of time for learning. Employees do not have time for learning, amidst their busy work schedule. Also, they want just-in-time training solutions that can be achieved through experiential learning activities.

  1. Training For All

Until the past few years, there was a single goal for training – developing core skills within employees so that they can perform well at their jobs. Additional learning opportunities were only provided for executive training. However, this trend has changed now. Companies are realizing that training should be provided to the entire staff, if they wish to retain top talent and stay at the forefront of innovation.

  1. Personalized Learning Journey

Planning a learner-centric training design is the talk of the town in 2019 and you should definitely focus on this if you wish to succeed. The modern learners look for meaningful training experiences that are not just relevant or convenient, but also fun at the same time. Therefore, learning & development managers must find the best employee training software online that offers a personalized learning journey to the learners and give them complete control over how and when they learn. One-size-fits-all is yesterday’s subject, today you need adaptive learning.

  1. Sticky Learning

Your business can only benefit from training and development if the learning imparted to the employees is well-understood, sticks in the mind of the employees and changes their behaviour. This is why modern trends suggest that the learners should be provided with multiple learning opportunities to grasp new information. In the meanwhile, they must also be introduced with multi-modal training programs that allow them to self-assess their learning progress. With spaced learning opportunities, you will better understand the concepts and would find it easy to translate the learning concepts into result-yielding ‘real world’ results.

  1. Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is the biggest trend in this list as it ensures that learning can be easily accessed on-the-go. So, the problem of lack of time availability completely vanishes here. The training programs must be accessible on all mobile devices so that the learners can boost their knowledge whenever and wherever.

By following these key trends, you can develop empowered learners in your organization who deliver tangible results with maximized ROI. So, do keep these points in mind.


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