5 Reasons to Watch Nollywood Movies

If you are a movie buff, you must have been hooked onto various Hollywood movies. For different countries, there are movie industries. But the most popular would be the Hollywood industry. They make several movies a year and are an industry of billions of dollars. Again, in India, you would come across Bollywood which usually emphasizes regional language like Hindi. Watching Yoruba movies online has become easier and one could go for various online streaming platforms, whether it is Hollywood, regional language, web series. 

But, then what is Nollywood? The depth of Nigerian films is unexplored by many. Many talented films are being made in Nigeria that the whole world should be able to witness. 

Nigerian films explore a lot of topics that show their domestic culture, life, and tradition while global ones are showcased too. The influence of Nigerian cinematography extends a lot beyond just entertainment and the way it is defined. 

Therefore, if you are confused regarding whether you should watch a Nollywood movie or not. Here are the reasons which remove any doubt and offer you several hours of quality entertainment. 

The first Nigerian movies were made in the 1960s. But with the advancement of technology and the internet distribution, slowly the filmmakers started taking advantage of this and produced a lot more movies since the 1900s and 2000s. 

Nollywood is the colloquial name that is given to the Nigerian film industry which is slowly becoming a huge part of the world entertainment industry. By watching Nigerian films, you would be supporting the democratic and economic condition of the country.

  • It is Bigger Than Hollywood

This is true with Nigeria producing 1000 films a year on an average. This puts it behind Bollywood but above Hollywood. Usually, Nollywood movies are made within 7-10 days on a budget of mostly $7,500- 13,000 while Hollywood movies take production time of one year and almost $6.7million budget for every movie. 

  • Second Largest Employer Market

In Nigeria after agriculture, this is the second largest industry where people get employed. From artists, directors, producers, make-up, a full working team, the worth of Nollywood is $5.1 billion making 5% of the country’s GDP.   

  • It Is Available on Streaming Platforms

Nollywood week is the annual film festival in summer in Paris and the films are available on various online platforms like Amazon, Distrify, Netflix, and a lot more. Nollywood also features in almost all African film festivals. 

  • Nollywood Films Are Now Eligible For Oscar

Since 2015, AMPAS has approved a committee constituting of a 12 committee of Nollywood stakeholders who would consider the entry of Nigerian films for the most prestigious awards for a film- Oscar.  

Yoruba movies online Nollywood offer movies on various topics and now is a growing industry from which many talented artists are gaining fame and even getting a chance in Hollywood.