5 simple traffic building strategiesfor Your Blog

These simple strategies will help you to will drive traffic to your blog in less than a month.

  1. Start a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter.

Yes, you need this in addition to your Feedburner list. It’s so easy to set this up on mailchimp. I will write a whole post about it. In the meantime, go and sign up with mailchimpand get your list started. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have time to start a newsletter yet. You don’t have to send one out right away.

  1. Write a “round up” interview posts.

Send an email to a group of bloggers in your niche (big bloggers and small) and ask them a question or a series of questions. Then publish the answers on your blog. People love getting traffic back to their blog so they’ll usually be happy to help you. Sometimes they will even link to you from their blog (especially if the content is interesting).

  1. Comment on other blogs in your niche, and participate in blog carnivals and share your content on social media.

Better yet, start your blog carnival. Kristen Michaelis of the Food Renegade blog started her blog much later than I did. I think it was about a year after I started blogging that she approached me and asked me to do a guest post. The result, now Kristen has more traffic than I do! Furthermore, you can share your content on social media. Instagram and Facebook is the hot social network to share your posts. To make your content more visible on Instagram, consider buying Instagram views.

  1. Produce an online “challenge” related to your website content.

Starting an online challenge was the single best thing Jenny mcgrutherof Nourished Kitchen did to blow up traffic on her blog. One year ago, she launched an online challenge called eat real food challenge. She challenged people to eat only real food for February (nothing out of boxes or cans).  She ended up getting featured on CNN.com. Do you want some traffic? That will bring it. And oh yeah, all the folks who entered the challenge had to submit their email address — and sign up for Jenny’s mailing list. The result, in the past year, her traffic has tripled. She was also able to quit her day job last year and now supports her family with the income she earns from blogging. Now I’m not saying you’re necessarily going to get on the CNN home page, but you never know.

  1. Create some free content and give it away for email sign-ups.

Did’ you notice how I keep coming back to getting email addresses? Email lists are gold, people! Either a video or podcast or a short e-book — something that relates to your website and makes people sign up for your newsletter to download it. Publicize the free content on your blog (put in an obvious place in the sidebar, and posts). Also, promote it as free giveaways on Twitter and Facebook.