5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Truck Owners

Spring is a great time to deep-clean your truck. The warmer weather makes it easier to do the job outside. It also means there is less chance that snow or ice will come along and make your ride dirty all over again. There are five things every truck owner should do to get their vehicle in tip-top shape.

Waterproof Your Interior

Give your interior a thorough cleaning. Clear out all the trash and vacuum the seats. Wipe down door handles and the dash with a soft cloth soaked in a car-cleaning solution.

This is a good opportunity to waterproof your interior. If you’re like most truck owners, it’s a real workhorse. It might be hauling mulch one day and taking Little Leaguers to a game the next. Protect your ride with waterproof seat covers. They keep liquids at bay and make your seats look new again.

Upgrade Your Floor Mats

Vacuum the floor mats. If yours are so stained and dirty that they are beyond help, invest in a new set. Truck rubber floor mats are easy to clean and keep the floor of your car nice and tidy. Whatever gets tracked in can be removed just as quickly with the swipe of a rag or the spray of a hose.

Replace Your Mud Flaps

Mud flaps for trucks keep fenders clean and prevent rocks and debris from flying through the air. When they do their job correctly, they can get pretty beat up. Are yours cracked or frayed? Have they become brittle or severely discolored?

Compromised mud flaps may no longer do the job. Replace yours if you see any of the signs above. If you’ve never put mud flaps on your truck, now is the time.

Wash the Outside

Cold, snowy winters can do a number on your paint job thanks to all the sand and salt municipalities put on the roads. As soon as the weather warms up in the spring, get out there and wash it all off. Use a chemical wash intended for vehicles and a soft chamois or terry rag.

You can finish it off with a waxing. Wax protects the top coat of your paint. Waxing regularly, every three months or so is a good way to keep your paint fresh.

Change the Wiper Blades

Get in the habit of changing your wiper blades every spring. They take a beating in the winter, too, and might be in rough shape. New blades are safer for driving and also keep your windshield cleaner.

Check Your Tires

If you’ve been running on special snow tires you should switch them out to all-season tires now. If you are keeping your tires, wash them with warm, soapy water and polish up the rims.

Check the tread. You can do the Lincoln penny trick. Stick a penny, head down, in the tread of your tires. If you can see the top of his head, it’s time for a new set.

Spring cleaning your truck is rewarding. Find your favorite cleaners and get out there.