5 Tips to Finding Cheap Auto Insurance

There are several tips that you can use for finding cheap auto insurance.

Shop around

The first tip is to shop around different insurance carriers. Most of the time, the rates are going to vary between the insurance companies whether they be big or small. There might be one company who will give you an average rate because they feel like you are an average risk but another one who will think you are lower risk and give you a lower rate. To make your insurance shopping a little bit easier, you can contact an independent insurance agent or try getting different quotes online through the insurance carrier’s website or a website that will compare prices.


The second tip is to bundle up your insurance policies. There is a good chance that when you group a whole bunch of policies together that your insurance will be a lot cheaper. This is especially true when you try to use different insurance companies for your policy. A multi-policy discount is one of the best ways that you are going to be able to save money on your insurance policy. This means that if you have several cars, homes, and toys, then you will need to bundle up the policies together. This helps to maximize all of your savings and request the quotes for the bundle policies when you are calling the different insurers.


The third tip is to verify all of the discounts that the insurance company has available. Most of the time, the car insurance company is known for having a lot of different discounts that might be unique. Therefore, if you might need to ask for all of the possible discounts that they might have available to you and verify which ones you will be able to receive from them. Some of the discounts that you might receive are the good student discount, homeowner discount, defensive driving course, and paid in full. There are even some insurance companies that will give you a discount just for getting married, paying your bill online, or living in a retirement community.


The fourth tip is to raise your deductible up. If you only have liability insurance on your car, then you won’t have a deductible to pay because the insurance will cover any of the damage that you caused to the other people in the accident. But if you have comprehensive or collision insurance coverage, then you will have a deductible. The larger the amount of your deductible that you are willing to pay in the case of an accident, the less that the insurance premium is going to cost you. If you decide to go this route, then you will need to keep the amount of the deductible inside of your savings account so that you will not be unprepared if an accident does happen.


The fifth tip for cheap auto insurance is to keep a clean driving record. The safe drivers will get some of the best rates on their insurance premiums. Therefore, if you are looking to have a cheap rate, then you will need to think about some of your actions when you are driving. Some of the things that you can so is to set your cruise control, pay attention to the road at all times, and make sure that your cell phone is off. If you set your cruise control, then you will not be attended to go over the speed limit. And if your cell phone is off, then you are not going to be attempted to look at it.