5 Tips to Make Your Next Corporate Outing More Fruitful and Enjoyable

A team outing not only encourages a greater sense of team spirit but it also allows the team members to explore many other valuable skills with team activities. Fun corporate outings allow new employees to mingle and interact with the other members in a casual setting. So, to get the best out of these corporate outings, here are a few tips:

  • Have a Theme: When planning a team outing, in the case that it coincides with a holiday or a festival, you can build a theme around it. Having a theme instantly makes team outings more fun. Decorating the place according to the theme, including a dress code can liven up the outing. You could also include a few activities according to the theme as well to make it even more enjoyable.
  • Activities: Depending on the type of outing-whether it is just for a day or if it is longer than that; you should focus on different types of activities. Resorts of the Discovery Village, at multiple locations such as Bangalore, Nandi hills, Kabini and Masinagudi offer many activities specifically designed for corporate outings. Hence, it makes the process even easier for you. All you have to do is to make sure that all the activities are inclusive and do not have strict rules. You can opt for simpler activities such as cooking classes and nature walks; or even adrenaline pumping activities such as paragliding and mountain climbing.

Source: Climbing Magazine

  • Plan Well: A successful corporate outing is the outcome of a systematic and well chalked out plan. An indispensable part of the outing, while planning you should make sure not to overlook any aspects. Try to get the entire team involved in the planning process as it helps in creating a sense of inclusion within the team. Ensure that the date chosen for the outing is convenient for most team members to attend. Assigning group leaders is another way to make the process of planning more fun for the team. Allowing people to take charge and come up with a list of activities they would like to participate in would make the team more excited about the outing.
  • New Skills and Retention Tools: Corporate outings are not just a way for employees to interact with each other is a less formal setting, but can be used as a way for employees to acquire new skills. It has been proven that using fun team building activities, with visual aids and retention tools, help employees process information better, 95% more as compared to boring Powerpoint presentations. Be sure to include a forum where people can ask questions and learn from each other. Keeping in mind the skills you want to work on with the team, can help you plan the entire outing better. Making sure that the activities are engaging, inclusive and informative can ensure an enjoyable corporate outing, even if it is masqueraded as a way of teaching new skills.
  • Follow The Rules: Including the safety aspect while planning a corporate outing is essential. If there are rules and regulations regarding the activities that you plan to undertake, or for the place you intend to visit with your team, it is imperative for the entire team to comply with those rules. Though the amicable staff members at Discovery Village resorts are there to help you throughout the way and are well trained for handling corporate outings, it always helps to coordinate well and follow any suggestions or advice given. Make sure to brief your entire team regarding any words of caution, and ensure that every team member is aware of the itinerary. Ensuring that the team walks as a group, especially when undertaking outdoor activities such as nature walks and bird watching, is a simple example.

Following these great tips can help you ensure that you and your team have an enjoyable and fruitful outing together!

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