5 Typical Lombok Culinary Tours That You Must Try

Lombok has recently become one of the favorite stopovers for travelers. The beach and its natural panorama also offer extraordinary beautiful views. In addition to enjoying its natural beauty, you also have to taste Lombok’s unique culinary delights. Basically, Lombok cuisine has characteristics similar to Bali. Most of the dishes are cooked with very strong spices. In addition, the majority of Lombok’s local cuisine uses seafood such as fish and others. Below is a list of Lombok culinary delights that you must try.

  • Taliwang Chicken

Taliwang chicken is indeed one of the most popular Lombok specialties in Indonesia.

In Lombok, almost all restaurants or restaurants sell Taliwang Chicken. Taliwang chicken has many types, there are sweet spicy taliwang chicken, sambal lima, pelecingan, grilled soy sauce, honey grilled, sour fried, and ordinary fried. This food is usually eaten with rice and plecing kangkung combined with bean sprouts, peanuts, grated coconut, and chili sauce.

  • Beberuk Terong

Even though it is made from eggplant, Beberuk Terong provides an unusual culinary experience. Eggplant is processed into a typical Lombok lalapan which can be a companion to eating rice and the main side dish. This typical Lombok food also has a refreshing, spicy taste.

Eggplant duck is made from eggplant, which is a small round in shape and purplish white in color. Eggplant Gelatik has a crunchy texture and a bad taste but not bitter or bitter.

This food is served with long beans, which are then doused with tomato sauce. The spicy taste produced from tomato sauce is not so painful for the tongue because of the combination of sweet and sour flavors thanks to the use of other spices in it.

  • Sate Pencok

Quoted from various sites, two explanations interpret this typical Lombok food.

First, it is mentioned that pencok is sago that is processed in such a way to be then sold in traditional markets as a snack or skewered into satay, which was previously cut into cubes.

Meanwhile, another opinion stated that the sate pencok is made from cowhide or starch dough.

The selection of kaji flour as the main ingredient aims to reduce production costs. The thick dough is then shaped into a square and then pierced with a stick or small bamboo stick.

Usually, sate pencok is served with Pelalah spices. You will easily find a seller of satay pencok in Lombok. Usually they peddle this satay by walking around.

  • Nasi Balap

Nasi Balap is one of Lombok’s local specialties that has a delicious taste. Nasi Balap is a typical Lombok food, which is now quite widely sold in other areas, such as Yogyakarta. Nasi Balap is a typical Lombok dish that has a spicy taste. Nasi Balap is a white rice dish served with shredded spicy chicken, dried potatoes, fried soybeans, and eggs. The resulting spicy taste comes from the chicken. While the presence of dried potatoes creates a savory and crunchy taste.

  • Rarang

Rarang is a typical dish from Lombok which is made from chicken. Rarang chicken is a culinary icon typical of Lombok that should not be missed by every visitor visiting the island for the first time, nicknamed the Island of a Thousand Mosques. Rarang chicken uses free-range chicken cooked by frying.

Rarang chicken comes from Rarang, a village located in East Lombok district, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). Similar to Lombok food in general, Rarang chicken also has a spicy taste. The mixture of chili seasoning combined with cayenne pepper makes the food look very spicy.

Vacation is more than just the food, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Lombok by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.