5G Stocks Tech Investors Should See


It’s imminent. We’re already transitioning for 4G networks to 5G ones, which are seen to kickstart the new wave of technological advancements and innovation. 

 5G is set to be 100 hundred times faster than 4G networks, which means it could be a great boost for technologies like autonomous driving, internet of things, and virtual/augmented realities. 

Here are some of the top 5G stocks you should check out if you want to invest in technology stocks


This chipmaker is worth $29 billion and it’s one of the first companies to cash in on the fifth generation of wireless networking.

Nowadays, infrastructure investments and spending are on the rise. And these developments positions Xilinx as a direct beneficiary because the chips it manufactures serve as components for a huge bulk of its 5G buildout. 

It has an impressive portfolio of radio frequency and system-on-a-chip tech. These assets can be used in all spectrum bands lower than 6GHz. And that happens to be crucial n helping to project 5G coverage in longer distances. 


Any discussion of 5G networks can be incomplete without mentioning Qualcomm, which is another chipmaker that possesses an excellent portfolio of intellectual property that has something to do with 5G technology. 

Just this year, good news arrived when it sealed a settlement with Apple that let it supply chips for the iPhone maker for the coming six years. 

What that means is that the iPhone maker could release smartphones with 5G capabilities sooner than everyone expected.  In other words, the Qualcomm licensing issue being put to rest benefitted both of the companies. 

Crown Castle 

When it comes to rolling out the 5G technology, building new cell towers is definitely one of the biggest expenses for companies and providers. 

The last part of the 5G transmission will be unlike its 4G predecessor in that it will require antennas that are within hundreds of yards of the connected device. This is to guarantee signal speed and strength.

This will require thousands of smaller cell towers, which is something that Crown Castle is an expert with. 

Crown Castle has around 65,000 small cell nodes. On top of that, the company aims to build 20,000 more in the year 2020. 

And since most carriers and service providers rent tower spaces instead of building them, Crown Castle stands to gain a massive recurring revenue streams.

Verizon Communications 

US telecoms have proven that they have the staying power and dividends that many investors surely love. If you’re like that and you’re keen on seeing the 5G rollout, then Verizon Communications is a good buy bet. 

A crucial factor in a telecom’s success is its coverage area. Verizon dominates the ownership of the top 50 spectrum bands, and it controls the crucial high frequency transmission areas that are core to 5G’s potential for higher data transfer rates. 

Since Verizon controls 76% of the 28GHz band and 46% of the 39 GHz band, it is one of the best stocks to buy for 5G mainly for its spectrum holdings. If that’s not enough, Verizon stock rewards its investors with a 4.2% dividend.