6 Advantages of Purchasing an In-House ID Card Printer

Whether you already have a security system in place, or you’re new to the concept and you want to take it seriously right away, an ID card printer is definitely for you. Safety is the number one concern for businesses, building and public environments, and an identity card printer is going to help you to make your security as reliable and effective as it possibly can be, long term. There are so many advantages of investing in an in-house ID card printer, but here are six to convince you to get exploring your options for providers now…

Reduce Long Term Cost

Identity cards and accessories are not a huge investment, however, when you factor in damaged, lost or stolen cards and the replacement process, you’ll discover that a plastic card printer is going to drastically decrease your ID costs down the line. A printer is a sustaining investment, meaning that this cost effectiveness is going to be enjoyed for a long time to come. Whether you have a small or large workforce, you’ll see your expenditure on identity cards and ID card accessories decrease significantly.

Speed Up Your Security

Producing identity cards can be a time consuming process, especially when you think about all the back and forth that has to be done between a business and a card provider – just the design alone could take weeks, let alone the photograph and details of each and every staff member. With an ID card printer on the team, every new team member or lost card will be replaced or created in no time. You’ll have all the tools to update or change IDs as necessary also, no countless emails and PDF attachments for you.

Make Temporary Issues a Thing of The Past

Temporary cards are unfortunately just not enough when you’re trying to keep your company security air tight and highly effective. These are often just simple paper slips with handwritten identification on there, and that just doesn’t cut it anymore. Put a stop to the use of ineffective, easily reproducible temporary cards and use your ID card printer instead. You’ll be able to quickly print out cards for however many visitors you have on the agenda for the day or week, keeping your business and your staff safe at all times.

Have Control Over the Design and Printing Process

As touched on above, the back and forth between a company and an ID card provider can be incredibly tedious. Purchasing your own ID card printer ensures that you have complete control over all aspects of card production. You’ll be able to design cards that represent your company accurately and effectively, whilst also monitoring production rates. You’ll have an understanding of card, ink and design in a matter of no time once you get the hang of operating your new company printer.

Up-Skill Your Team

Speaking of operating an ID card printer! This is a great opportunity to run some up-skilling sessions at your business. Someone is going to need to be able to navigate your identity card design software, camera and printer. By training your staff and giving them a new skill to add to their skill set, you’re not only saving on additional costs, you’re also investing in your professional relationships. Companies that implement upskilling are more likely to keep a hold of their talent and retain their low turnover rates. The positive sentiment amongst your workforce is so incredibly important for productiveness and staff relationships, so the benefit here can’t be stressed enough, just make sure you have room for that new printer!

Ongoing Support

The right producing identity cards provider will be able to provide you with ongoing support, troubleshooting and supplies such as ink, plastic cards and printer ribbons. Having this sustained support is so handy when you run into issues or you need some extra industry informed advice. Just be sure to take your time to find a company that has your best interests in mind and not just a one time sale.