6 Reasons Why Chocolate is Good for You


Are chocolates your guilty pleasure? Do you often catch yourself craving chocolates? You no longer must feel guilty about indulging in this forbidden sweet treat as we have discovered 6 reasons why chocolate is good for you. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and packed with essential vitamins and minerals which makes it a superfood that keeps your body and mind strong. 

Curious to learn the benefits of adding chocolates to your diet? Here are 6 reasons why you must indulge in chocolate guilt-free. 

Enhances your mood 

Feeling low? Grab a bar of chocolate, preferably dark chocolate, and watch yourself feel much better. This is because the carbohydrates present in the form of sugar in chocolates encourage your body to produce more serotonin. Serotonin is a feel-good hormone, which highly influences your mood. So, keep a bar of your favourite Fabelle’s chocolates handy in your pantry for when you are feeling low. You can also look to give chocolate gifts to your loved ones on happy occasions as it not only spreads joy but will help enhance their moods too!


Prevents heart diseases & reduces cholesterol 

Chocolates are rich in flavonoids, which reduce free radicals, increase blood circulation, and lower blood circulation, thus preventing cardiovascular diseases and lowering the risk of stroke and blocked arteries. So, take care of your heart health by including a healthy amount of dark chocolate in your diet. Dark chocolate is also believed to up your good cholesterol level and bring down your bad cholesterol level. 

Good for your brain health

Chocolates are said to increase blood flow in your brain, which helps your brain carry out its functions better. Research shows that flavonoids in chocolate prevent the death of brain cells. This means that chocolate consumption reduces the risk of developing ailments like Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Head over to the ITC website to get the best Fabelle chocolate price and stock up on your chocolate stash today!

Reduces stress 

Researchers have confirmed that people who eat dark chocolate have reduced levels of cortisol, which is a hormone released when you are stressed. So, destress after a long day at work by munching on Fabelle’s luxury chocolates and unwind the right way. 

Boosts athletic performance & keeps you alert

The caffeine in a chocolate bar helps you stay alert by acting as a mild stimulant to your nervous system. Burning the midnight oil during your exam week or finding it hard to stay awake after your lunch break at work? Snack on Fabelle’s Tiramisu Centre Filled Bar, which has the perfect amount of caffeine to keep you focused. Dark chocolate is also known to boost athletic performance. The epicatechin in dark chocolate promotes the production of nitric oxide in the blood, thus allowing athletes to maintain workout intensity for a longer period. 

Has anti-ageing properties 

Did you know that chocolates fight toxins and free radicals, thus slowing down the ageing process? It is also believed that the elevated level of antioxidants in chocolate protects your skin from the harsh U. V rays and helps your skin look young and healthy. Dark chocolate contains manganese, which boosts the production of collagen, a protein that is responsible for making your skin look supple and glowing. Epicatechin found in dark chocolate is also said to prevent cell damage which leads to cancer. 

Believe it or not but studies show that dark chocolate can reduce the risk of diabetes as it helps your body make use of insulin effectively. Some of the other amazing benefits of devouring chocolate are that it is good for your gut health and could help with weight loss. Remember that chocolates contain many calories and fats, thus it is important that you incorporate them into your lifestyle in a healthy proportion. 

So, have we managed to convince you to nibble on chocolates now and then to live a healthy life? We recommend you stop making chocolates a taboo and have a healthy relationship with them. Have a bite of Fabelle’s luxury chocolate bars every day and improve your quality of life.