6 Things To Do Before You Go Away For An Extended Time Period

If you are going away for a while, you’ll want to make sure you do these 6 things before you set off. 

If you’re going away for a while for work or a gap year, congratulations on your new adventure! You certainly shouldn’t need to be fretting about your belongings back at home whilst you’re off getting life experience. To help keep those worries away, here are 6 things you need to do before you go away for a while: 

  1. Consider A House Sitter

There are many different sites that vet house sitters who literally look after your home whilst you are away. Some also care for your pets, saving you money on a cattery or kennels. If you own your property and you don’t mind somebody else living in it whilst you are gone, this could be a great way to know your things are being looked after. 

  1. Consider Renting Out Your Home

Whether you can rent your property as a holiday let, or as a longer term option, renting out your home gives you some extra cash all whilst your things are looked after. You could rent it furnished with most of your things in, or place your things in cheap self storage so the house itself is kept warm and functioning whilst you are gone. 

  1. Use Self Storage & Ditch The House

If you rent, but you’re considering keeping your home just to keep your things somewhere, there is a much, much cheaper option. Inexpensive self storage can be as small or as big as you need it to be. The cost is often weekly or monthly and the contracts are flexible. It is likely to be a lot cheaper than a house rental – just make sure you compare prices at local self-storage companies to get the best deal. Plus, it’s much more secure than any domestic property because facilities know they have to do everything they can to keep their customers’ belongings safe. 

  1. Double Down On Security For The Most Precious Things

Although it would be nice to come home to everything you keep in great condition, lots of things are replaceable. For that reason, it is important to take care of the items that are not replaceable, or that are extremely valuable. Consider the following for the most precious items:

  • A small cheap self storage locker
  • A safe inside your house
  • Keeping those items with your most trusted family member or friend
  1. Insure Everything

Insurance is always important, but especially when you’re going to be away from your home. Your contents insurance needs to be great, and it should be valid if you are away for a while, so it is worth checking that before you leave. If you need to, increase your premium for better cover whilst you are away. 

  1. Increase Home Security

You might feel better increasing your home security whilst you are away. There are apps you can use to turn your lights on and off to look like somebody is in. You can also get video doorbell cameras and cameras in the garden that activate when there is activity. This could help you feel like you’re more able to keep an eye on your place whilst you aren’t physically there. 

The tips above can help you get your belongings secured and safe whilst you are off making memories. It’s worth taking the time to keep everything as safe as it can be, so you can have the peace of mind it will all be as you left it when you get home.