7 Simple Things That Will Make Your Favorite Veteran Feel Loved

Favorite Veteran Feel Loved

Veterans have been there, seen it all and have the t-shirt to prove it. They have dedicated their lives to make sure ours are safe for years to come. Without their service, who knows what life would be like right now. 

And what better way to show you appreciate your favorite veteran than giving them a gift that means something to them.

Whether it’s for their birthday or just because you’re feeling generous, there are so many reasons to buy a gift for a veteran. But when it comes to what to buy them, it’s often the quiet things that they will enjoy the most.

Here are 7 simple things that will make your favorite veteran feel loved. 

Star Map

This gift is perfect for a veteran. It’s very simple but extremely effective. 

Star maps are a snapshot of what the universe looked like at any point in time from wherever you choose. It’s something that you can make really special.

To personalized this gift and really make your favorite veteran feel loved, set the date to a time that means a lot to them. This could be the date that they got married or the day that they returned home from service.

You can get a star map from twinkleintime.com. You can also write a message to your favorite veteran alongside the map too. It could be a favorite quote of theirs, a song lyric that means a lot to them or just a phrase that they live by.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with a star map.

Photo Frames

Veterans love to look back at old photos of their past. If you have any of your own that would mean a lot to them, this is the ideal gift to make them feel loved. The reason why it works so well is that it gives them the most important thing in life – happiness and family.

Give them a photo frame so they can hang up or stand their favorites. If you want to give them something a bit more unique, you can get them something like this. Instead of being placed in a regular rigid frame, the photos are joined together. 

If your veteran has a sequence of special photos that belong with each other, it’s a no-brainer to go with something like this.

Sharing memories is fantastic for adding happiness and life into a veteran’s home. Share this gift with them and they’ll be thanking you every time they look at the pictures.

Reusable Water Bottle

Veterans need to keep their fluids up just as much as the rest of us. No matter if they are looking to get back into work or just plan on taking it easy, they need to stay hydrated.

A reusable water bottle can solve this problem with minimum fuss, like this one from Kool8. Your favorite veteran can take their fluids on-the-go or by their side while relaxing at home.

Some bottles like the one mentioned above can even keep hot drinks warm for a considerable period of time too, so if you know a veteran that loves tea or coffee, they don’t have to rush drinking it before it gets too cold.

This particular reusable water bottle has gained rave reviews from past users, so if you plan on getting this simple gift, make sure you check out this user’s experience with it.

Audible Subscription

Most veterans love books. No matter if it’s for personal development or just for enjoyment, it’s a great way to spend time. But for veterans that have trouble with their vision, reading can sometimes be difficult.

If you know they love reading, then you can solve this problem by buying them a subscription to Audible. With this simple gift, your favorite veteran can get all the benefits of reading a book without having to squint.

Plus, a subscription to Audible means that they can keep all their audiobooks in one place. This saves space in their home and keeps everything organized.

Overall, this is a guaranteed winner.

Protein Coffee

While this may seem a bit unusual, it’s actually an awesome yet very simple thing to make your veteran feel loved. It does exactly what it says as an item: why protein mixed with coffee.

There are so many health benefits for drinking protein coffee. For starters, the caffeine from the coffee will give your favorite veteran a big boost in energy and the protein ensures that their muscles stay healthy. 

From personal experience, one of the best brands to buy is Awesome Coffee. Their products are packed with all the nutrients found in multivitamin supplements needed to keep the body working at its best – and they taste great, particularly their signature flavor. 

Coffee Mug

If you are getting some protein coffee for your favorite veteran, why not get a mug to put it in? It’s simple, it’s easy and will make them feel loved.

But don’t get them just a plain coffee mug. Again, think of something to personalize it. This way, it shows that you have put some thought into the gift, rather than picking the first thing you saw from the local store. For example, get them a coffee mug that has a famous attraction from a country they have visited in the past.

You can pick up a custom coffee mug at Vistaprint and for a great price too.


Smartwatches are one of the hottest products in the world right now. They can do so much, from talking messages to telling you all about your health. For a veteran especially, keeping an eye on health is so important

And all this awesome functionality can be packed into a simple-to-use device that your favorite veteran will love.

The best heart rate monitors can track step counts, tell you how many calories have been burnt that day and so much more. And of course, they can tell the time.

One of the best on the market right now is the Omron heart-rate monitor. Its results are very accurate and it is very comfortable to wear, making it perfect for a veteran.