8 Best Trekking Places of Easy/Moderate Difficulty Near Bangalore

The best part about staying in a place like Bangalore or anywhere nearby, is the sheer number of places that one can go to for just about everything. Whether you want to be around animals, or relax with family, indulge in some adventure sports or just go trekking, there is a place or two for anything and everything.

There are a number of places for trekking in Bangalore, ranging from easy to moderate level of difficulty. The next time you are in the mood for some trekking, be sure to look up this list and visit any of these places for the experience of a lifetime. Another great thing about this city is that there are so many resorts near Bangalore at all these trekking places that you do not have to think twice about planning a weekend getaway.

  • Ramanagara – the place where the legendary movie, ‘Sholay’, was shot is the best place for trekkers to start their first few treks from. It is famous for its scenic trek and silk market amongst both amateur and professional trekkers. There is an ancient Pattabhi Rama Temple that people can visit along with indulging in some birdwatching, climbing and cycling. Once you are done working out your glutes, you can also lay a blanket and enjoy a great picnic while taking in all the beauty that this place has to offer to everyone visiting.
  • Skandagiri – the trekking trail here is quite interesting as there are caves along the way that one can explore. One of the most beautiful trekking places near Bangalore, this place is also known as the Kalavara Dugra and is specially frequented for overnight trekking. It is also a beautiful place in itself and a lot of people come here to experience the natural beauty that this place has to offer.
  • Nandi Hills – this is one of the most loved and popular places near Bangalore. It is the perfect place to go for a trek while also experiencing some history at the same time. The summer palace of Tipu Sultan, is 1200 steps away which makes it a complete workout in itself. The place offers some breath-taking views of the Amrita Sarovar and the surrounding hills. You can also engage in some rappelling, rocking climbing and para gliding while you are there. In case you want to turn this into an overnight stay and you are looking for a place to stay here, then one of the best adventure resorts in Nandi Hills is Discovery Village which has a ton of activities like cycling, camping, rappelling among others.
  • Anthargange – caves, boulders, hillocks and volcanic rocks make this place one of the top visited destinations for trekking. On this three-kilometre-long journey, you can do trekking and cave exploration both at the same time as the trail takes you through some tricky, tough paths along with some gorgeous vistas. One must look at overnight camping in the caves while visiting. It is an experience in itself.
  • Savandurga Hills – if picturesque views are your motivation for a trek, then look no further than this place. This place is perfect for everyone who loves adventure or nature or both! There are two treks over here, Billigudda and Karigudda and you can choose to do either. There is also a fort of Kempe Gowda which trekkers pass during their trek and love relaxing here before continuing with their journey.
  • Makalidurga – through some wild shrubs, granite hillocks and vegetation, this trek is all sorts of exciting. This place boasts of serenity and for every trekker, seeing the sight of the ruined fort at the end of the trek, is a delight in itself. This place is loved by all trekking enthusiasts. There is even a Krishna temple at the bottom of the hill that a lot of people often like visiting as well.
  • Madhugiri – this is the second largest monolithic rock after Savanagiri and is a great offbeat place near Bangalore. The one and a half hour stretches of trekking here is extremely challenging but also a lot of fun. On the way during the trek, one can see the Madhugiri Fort on the way which was built by Hyder Ali and also then infested by honey bee colonies after it was built. Nevertheless, it still makes for a thing that you must see when you are here.
  • Kunti Betta – with a mix of grasslands, rocky boulders and granite outcrops, this place is one of the best places to go on a trek. It is known for its night trekking which is extremely thrilling and worth all the pain. People generally trek at night, enjoy the view of the sunrise in the morning with a stunning view of the nearby Thonnur lake, forests and paddy fields.