8 Tips for Selling Your Motorcycle  

If you’ve decided to sell your bike, there are a few ways to prepare. With a bit of research and effort, it’s possible to pass a bike on to a new owner without losing money. Here, we’ll offer eight easy tips for a successful motorcycle sale.

Take Good Pictures

When selling your motorcycle, photos are the first thing to grab a potential buyer’s attention—so make them the best they can possibly be. Buyers typically prefer to see real, unretouched photos when they’re browsing listings, so try not to use stock photographs.

Include photos from various angles, as well as close-up shots, so prospective buyers can get a better look at the bike. Take the snapshots in natural lighting so they’re not pale and washed out and use a high-quality camera for the best results.

Shine it Up

It’s important to make a good impression on buyers and taking time to clean the bike up a little will do just that. Even a properly maintained motorcycle will collect a lot of grease, dirt, and grime from its time on the road. However, buyers want to see their purchases in peak condition, so be sure to wash and polish the bike before taking photos or meeting with buyers.

Remember That it Pays to be Honest

As you’re photographing the bike, be sure to note any damage. When sellers are honest and transparent with buyers, they seem more credible and are much more likely to close their sales. Motorcycle buyers value honesty above all else—and sellers should keep that fact in mind when taking photos and creating listings.

Include Pricing Information

Listing a price is an essential part of selling a motorcycle. It’s one of the first things a buyer will want to know, as they’ll need to determine if the bike fits their budget. Most buyers will ignore listings without prices, and including the information increases the chances of a sale.

Empathize With the Buyer

When selling a bike and showing it to potential buyers, put yourself in their position. It should be easy, because after all, you were once a motorcycle buyer! Think about all the things you wish you’d known before buying a bike, as well as the advice you’d give a friend who’s going through the process. Giving this kind of information helps potential buyers, whether they’re new or experienced.

Write an In-Depth Description

While describing a bike can seem tedious, it’s an important consideration for new and repeat buyers. Those looking to purchase motorcycles need help deciding how a particular bike will fit their lifestyle, and you’re in the right position to give them the assistance they need. It’s best to accentuate the bike’s important features and how it’s been used. The more detail a potential buyer gets, the better.

Give Prompt Responses

In today’s fast-paced world, instant gratification is the new standard for buyers and sellers. Keep that fact in mind when inquiries come in. Check messages frequently so you can offer timely responses to interested buyers. When someone wants a bike, they want it fast—and if a seller doesn’t respond quickly, they’ll likely move on to another listing.

Use Keywords

When selling a bike online, consider optimizing the listing for the search engines. Be sure to include keywords that relate to the unit, so people can find it when they search. For instance, ‘cruiser’ and ‘sport bike‘ are top search terms among motorcycle buyers.

Selling a motorcycle doesn’t have to be hard, and we hope these tips have helped simplify the process. By following these suggestions, you’ll get a listing in front of more potential buyers and be more likely to close the sale.