9 Gift Ideas For Family And Friends Who Love Baking

Almost everyone has that person within their circle who loves to bake. And if you’re looking for the perfect gift for him or her, we’ve got you covered. Here are nine gift ideas he or she will surely love — from a personalized cookie jar to a personalized cake pan.

Cookie jars. People who are fond of baking homemade cookies need cookie jars to store their goodies. You can make your gift more unique by ordering an old-fashioned, air-tight personalized cookie jar. You can customize this item with the recipient’s first or last name, coupled with a unique monogram or dulcet words describing their baking skills. You can pair this gift with cookie cutters as well.

Cake pans. Apart from cookies, cupcakes and brownies are also a staple in a baker’s menu. If you know someone who’s into baking, you can make him or her feel appreciated by giving him or her a personalized cake pan.

Apron. Baking can create such a beautiful, tasty mess in the kitchen. This is why aprons are a must for baking enthusiasts. Like other baking-related gift items, aprons can also be customized to make it truly personal and unique for the recipient.

Kitchen scale. Baking is both an art and science. While it’s a skill that shines the spotlight on the baker’s creativity, proper measurements are also needed to produce delectable outcomes. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a baker within your circle, a kitchen scale can do the trick.

Measuring cups and spoons. Speaking of measurements, measuring cups and spoons are also a necessary asset any baker should have. When looking for these gift items, you can save money by buying them as a set. Make sure that all the sizes that your recipient will need are included in the set.

Dough whisks and wooden spoons. Mixing and whisking are important aspects of baking. The patience and dedication that these tasks require highlight the baker’s passion for his or her craft. So if you want to further encourage your loved one to pursue his or her passion for baking, a set of dough whisks and wooden spoons will make for the perfect gift.

Mixing bowls. In relation to the bullet above… mixing bowls are also an awesome present for bakers. Expect your baker friend or family member to be truly ecstatic especially if you give them a giant mixing bowl. This size of mixing bowl is rare but is incredibly helpful if the baker is preparing double batches of cookies.

Cutting boards. From bakers to home cooks, cutting boards are essential and versatile gear in the kitchen. To make this gift more meaningful, you can have it customized with the recipient’s initials. Others also use this gift as a way to memorialize a family recipe.

Vanilla extracts and baking spices. A uniquely designed personalized cookie jar and cake pan best complement goodies that are sheerly delectable. And for these treats to have an elevated flavor, vanilla extracts and other baking spices can do the magic. This is why it’s every baker’s delight to receive these ingredients as gifts.