9 Steps to Follow when you book Airline Tickets in India

Booking a flight ticket can be a challenging task, but the online method comes as a saviour. Presently you can book your flights online easily if you know the correct steps.

Booking an airline ticket can appear to be confusing when there are such countless sites, travel, and airline agents to browse. Flight costs likewise vary continuously, making the booking process more muddled.

Let’s look at this step-by-step guide to help you book your next airline ticket flawlessly.

  1. Choose a Portal: There are plenty of players when you start to look for booking tickets online. To make your work easy, begin by choosing a portal. There are three types of flight booking portals;
  • Airline Websites: These websites let you book tickets for their airlines only.
  • Aggregator Websites: These websites let you book tickets for various airlines.
  • Mile Program Websites: These websites not only just let you book airline tickets from across airlines but also provide miles when you book a ticket from

You can choose between them according to your preferences and requirements. Miles can be a great way to save money on your flight tickets.

  1. Search for the Best Flight: The next thing is to search for a flight. Put your origin and destination city/country, the intended travel dates, number of travellers and start searching. Most websites allow you to sort the results by price, departure, and arrival time. On top of that, you can select filters such as your preferred airlines (in case you’re booking through a multi-airline website), number of stops, and more. Pick a flight that best fits your budget and travel needs.
  2. Enter Your Travel Details: Once you have chosen a flight, enter your travel details carefully. Make sure the name you enter matches the identification document that you’ll show at the airport.
  3. Pick your Seat: Many websites allow you to pick a seat while booking your ticket. You can also do this through web check-in later, which opens up 24-48 hours before the flight departure. Picking your seats at the time of booking will ensure you get the seat of your choice. Ask yourself the following questions before selecting a seat:
    1. How much legroom do you need?
    2. Do you need a window or an aisle seat?
    3. Do you prefer a seat towards the front, middle or at the back of an aircraft?

Do note that you might have to pay extra for some of the seats.

  1. Make it a Package Deal or Not: Towards the booking process’s finish, the airlines’ service provider may recommend additional items that you can book, like hotels or taxis. You can add these at the hour of booking or book them afterwards.
  2. Decide to Add Insurance or Not: During the booking process, you may be directed to add insurance. Understand the terms and conditions and choose whether or not your flight and trip require insurance.
  3. Special Accommodations: If there is any special accommodations requirement, like a wheelchair, request these at the hour of booking. If you are not directed to enter this data during your online booking, contact the customer care service of your airline or booking website later.
  4. Book your Ticket: Affirm that your travel and personal details are correct. At that point, enter your payment information to wrap up booking your tickets. Pay through your preferred mode such as net banking, credit card, debit card, etc.
  5. Get your Confirmation and Receipt: Once your payment has been successful, your receipt and ticket confirmation should be messaged to you through email and SMS text. If you don’t get any confirmation, contact the website customer care.

Flight tickets can be booked online quickly without any hassle. You just need to pick the cheapest flight booking site that preferably also offers rewards or miles for being their loyal customer and follow the process as directed. Moreover, look out for discount codes that can save you some extra money on your flight tickets too. Happy travelling!