9 Tips On How To Drink Whiskey Properly

How to Store Whiskey

Did you know that when it comes to drinking whiskey, it’s more about tasting it rather than actually drinking it? If you’re a beginner whiskey drinker, there’s nothing to worry about. Here are 9 tips to consider so that you can better appreciate drinking whiskey.

Understand the components of whiskey

If you’re trying to look for a range of mancave gifts, then anything that can help you enjoy whiskey better is never a bad idea. Furthermore, to enjoy whiskey, you must understand its components.

Whiskey is a specific kind of distilled alcoholic drink made from fermented grain mash, including several types of grains, which may or may not be malted. Depending on how you take your whiskey, it can taste sweet or may have strong notes of oak or vanilla.

Swirl your whiskey

Before gulping down a glass of whiskey, you have to understand that you must savor the moment. Even before smelling it, try swirling it and observing its texture in your whiskey glass, one of your mancave gifts.

Sniff your whiskey first

After swirling it, breathe deeply and make sure that you hold your glass of whiskey at least one inch away from your nose. This will allow you to better discern the other flavor notes. To drink whiskey properly means to appreciate and understand the flavor notes behind the drink.

Take a small sip

After you’ve done your preliminary steps, take a small sip. Hold it in your tongue and don’t swallow immediately. There’s so much to learn from it so try to assess and even spread it throughout your mouth. After swallowing, breathe out through your nose.

Choosing between drinking it neat or straight

Appreciating whiskey is all about learning what your preference is. Do you like drinking it neat or straight? If you can have your hands on some of the best mancave gifts that let you drink from a high-quality whiskey glass, then all the better. However, you need to discern whether you’ll drink it with or without water.

Don’t make face

Another important tip is that you don’t make face when you take that first sip of whiskey. Whether it’s your first time or not, try to appreciate the burst of flavors in your mouth.

Learn what type of whiskey you like best

There are different types of whiskeys, such as American, Scotch, Canadian, and Irish. Similar to choosing between drinking whiskey straight or neat, you must also learn your preference for the type of whiskey to drink.

Have the right drinking vessel

We couldn’t stress this enough. Drinking whiskey properly means that you must appreciate it, and to do that, you must have the right drinking vessel.

Never spit or sputter

Finally, for our last tip, never spit or sputter. If possible, use your poker face when drinking whiskey for the first time. Don’t shoot, which is why your first taste of whisky should be a small sip to allow you to test how it rolls off your tongue.

Much like drinking wine, drinking whiskey is about evaluating and comprehending the drink’s overall taste so that you are better able to appreciate it.