A Few Reasons behind Hair Fall

Most people experience hair loss at some points in their lives.  The causes for hair loss can be heredity, too much brushing the hair and underlining health issues. Fortunately, there are a variety of hair restoration treatments in 2019. What treatment will suit you best depends on the cause of your hair fall, and, only a professional can find out the exact reason behind your hair fall. Depending upon the cause, hair treatment is suggested, it can either be a PRP Toronto or hair transplant treatment. Besides it, here are a few reasons behind your thinning hair:

Physical Stress

Have you suffered any recent trauma? This may range from recent operations to severe diseases or accidents. Some physical stresses can lead to temporary loss of hair. Moreover, excessive pressure may cause telogen effluvium which temporarily shed the hair. Your hair goes through three phases such as rise phase, rest phase, and shedding phase. Whenever any person has undergone any trauma, their hair follicles get shocked and start falling into the shedding phase at a faster rate. Usually, patients notice hair fall after 5 to 6 months following the trauma. 

You Just Had a Baby

Your hair gets thicker, gives you beautiful, healthy, full locks during pregnancy.  it seems because you lose less hair than normal during your pregnancy period, and after delivering a baby you’ll see your hair starts fall downing drastically. This is because you lose all that backdated hair that you kept over the last 9 months. The great news is that everything will finally balance out and normally 50-100 hair will be shed every day.


When you take an overdose of supplements or without consulting a doctor, it may cause hair loss. Furthermore, your hair loss can also result in a lack of vitamins and nutrients.  You must consult your doctor immediately if you believe that your diet affects your hair or enhances your hair loss.


About 2/3 of people were affected by hair loss at age 60 and, more often it’s because of genetics. The result of this hair loss is a combination of genes and male sex hormones, which usually follow a vintage pattern in which hair falls in temples and the coronation. 


The use of birth control pills may pose imbalances in your hormones which cause hair to fall. The result might also cause telogen effluvium.  When hormonal balance changes at menopause, it might also have a similar result. The androgen receptors (male hormone) are regulated around the scalp. The hair follicles will become smaller and, more and more hair starts shedding.

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