A Good Mattress Can Be Your Shield Against Insomnia

        Insomnia can be described as a type of sleep disorder where people find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep. It can either be a short term condition or a long-term one. While acute insomnia lasts anywhere from one night to a few weeks, chronic cases tend to occur for three nights a week to three months or more. In fact, one out of five people experiences insomnia at one point or another in their life.

What are The Different Types of Insomnia?

Insomnia has been classified into two categories namely primary and secondary, based on the underlying cause of insomnia. Primary insomnia is often caused due to stress by sudden life changes like the death of a loved one, job loss, relocating, and divorce. However, secondary insomnia can be caused by mental health issues, alcohol use, any form of pain or discomfort at night, medications, hyperthyroidism, tobacco use, depression, and endocrine health issues.

Risks Factors due to Insomnia

Insomnia leads to sleep deprivation which can play havoc on your health. In fact, it puts you at risk for several factors. The average adult aged between 18 to 65 years needs around eight hours of sleep each night. Insomnia prevents this from happening, leading to a range of other issues like:

  • Mental health issues
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Loss of concentration
  • Depression
  • Inability to make quick decisions
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Memory loss

Say Goodbye to Insomnia

If the doctor has ruled out medical causes for your insomnia, it is time to look for ways to make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Let’s start with a few things that you can change in your current lifestyle:

  • Stop drinking caffeinated beverages and alcohol in the evening.
  • Create a bedroom ritual to prepare your body and mind for sleep.
  • Dim the lights in your bedroom.
  • Avoid using any electronic devices in your bedroom for comfort sleep.
  • Stay away from things that cause stress.
  • Redecorate your bedroom with calming shades of green or blue.
  • Declutter your bedroom.
  • Avoid thinking about the office or work-related stuff when you get ready for bed.
  • Remove brightly coloured objects from your bedroom.
  • Eat a light meal before bedtime.
  • Turn your bedroom into your fortress of solitude.
  • Read a book during bedtime.

Mattresses to the Rescue!

A mattress has the power to impact your sleep in more ways than one. According to medical professionals, switching to a comfortable mattress that supports your spine properly has a say in keeping insomnia at bay. The right mattress can mean the difference between waking up refreshed each morning or staying up all night. With sleep playing an important role in your overall health, it is no surprise that you would prefer quality sleep each night. Top mattress manufacturers like Wakefit understand the different challenges that people suffering from insomnia face. In order to help them get over insomnia, they have come with several top-notch mattresses and pillows. In fact, the memory foam mattress is one of the most recommended mattresses for insomniacs. It is made from viscoelastic material and will conform to any body shape as soon as it comes in contact with body heat. The mattress bounces back to its original shape as soon as you get up from it. Many people have liked the experience of sleeping on a memory foam mattress as being surrounded by clouds.

If one of the reasons you are not able to sleep through the night is because of aches and pains, the orthopaedic memory foam mattress by Wakefit is your best bet. This mattress has been designed by a team of orthopaedic doctors. It prevents any new pressure points from forming and also keeps your spinal cord in its natural alignment. The mattress works wonder in keeping all sorts of pain and aches at bay, allowing you to finally catch up on your sleep. Since mattresses have a life span of around seven to ten years, you need not worry about insomnia for several years. However, remember to use quality bed linens and replace them every few days. The smell of fresh sheets also helps you fall asleep faster.

With everyone busy running in the rat race, people often forget to pay attention to their bodies and their needs. This is one of the reasons why insomnia is common among young professionals in stressful work environments. It is essential to take some time out and refigure your lifestyle. This includes taking a good look at your diet and activity level. Medical professionals emphasize the importance of a healthy diet. Eating smaller meals at frequent intervals of the day will keep the body energized and allow you to meet the various deadlines life throws our way. A healthy lifestyle combined with a comfortable mattress, and you can say goodbye to insomnia forever.