A Guide to Choosing Suitable Bathroom Accessories for Your Space

Wondering how to choose the right accessories for your bathroom? This article outlines some different kinds of bathrooms, and which bathroom accessories in Melbourne might suit each one. Read on to find out more.

Small Space

One of the challenges of having a small bathroom is that there may not be enough storage room. But you can overcome this by including bathroom accessories in Melbourne that act as double duty between pleasing aesthetics and practicality. For example, you could use rattan baskets on shelves placed under your vanity unit to create more storage space. Or for small items like cotton balls and other bathroom necessities, large glass jars with wooden lids may be appropriate. When you think storage, don’t just think utilitarian – add some style as well as substance with your choice of bathroom accessories.

Large Space

When it comes to a large space, you have more room for luxury, such as a claw-footed bath, or even a double vanity with two mirrors. These features will elevate your space through clever use of bathroom accessories in Melbourne. However, with a large space, you want to be careful not to clutter it up with too many accessories. When you keep things simple and minimalist, you can achieve a greater sense of ease in the space. Decorate your bathroom with natural elements such as pot plants or cut flowers, or use wicker baskets for storage for a touch of texture.

Dark Space

If your bathroom is dark with no natural light, then one of the most important bathroom accessories in Melbourne that you can include is lighting. Downlights are great for task lighting, which helps illuminate a space for when you need to conduct detailed tasks like shaving or putting on makeup. There are many types of lighting out there that are suitable for bathrooms, so get looking at bathroom showrooms to see what you can find. Bear in mind the style that will suit the aesthetic of your particular bathroom.

Space without Ventilation

If your bathroom doesn’t have sufficient ventilation, then you need to fix that by installing a decent fan. A good fan will circulate the humid air out of the bathroom, which in turn will prevent the build-up on mould on your bathroom walls and ceiling. It’s imperative that you have a fully functioning fan for health reasons, as mould is very detrimental to health, especially for people with respiratory problems.

City Bathroom Space

A city bathroom space may be smaller than others, in which case, you should follow the directions given above for a small bathroom. But in a city bathroom, it’s even more important to have some natural elements incorporated into it to remind you of nature while you shower and dress. It makes for a better ambience when there’s some greenery involved. Even just a single pot plant on your bathroom vanity can make all the difference.

Country Bathroom Space

In a country bathroom, you might have more room for additional bathroom accessories in Melbourne. You may even have room for a spa bath, particularly if this is your country getaway property. You can then add all the shabby chic accessories you like for that bit of country charm.