A Summer of Sport in 2021

There is little doubt that the past year and a half has been full of difficulties and tough times for most industries and sport is certainly one of them. 2020 saw the pandemic resulting in endless postponements and cancellations of major events. Sports ended their leagues, but others returned, and it appears we are slowly but surely on the other side, with more and more major events now taking place. It has all resulted in an already memorable summer of 2021 for sport and this is only set to continue based on what we still have install for the remainder of the year. It means it really is an amazing summer of sport.

2021 has really been capped, as it showcased two major sporting events that were set for 2020 but had to be moved due to the previously mentioned pandemic. These were the European championships and the Olympic games, with expectations having been growing greatly in the run-up to the events.

The European championships were the first to take place and it was a different format to usual, with matches taking place across Europe in different locations. However, it was one of the first big events to return following the pandemic period and we were also able to see the return of big crowds to matches across the tournament. This included in the final at Wembley stadium in London, that saw 60,000 fans in attendance on what was a memorable final. It turned out to be Italy’s tournament, as they continued their remarkable unbeaten run that is now at three years, as they proved they deserved winners, with a victory over England in the final on penalties. It was an incredible tournament, that gathered a vast number of spectators world-wide and now builds into the Olympic games that are now fast approaching. Italy were also well supported in the process and there are still some eu casinos accepting uk players who got involved across the event.

It will be a different story for the Olympics, as it has recently been confirmed that spectators will be unable to attend the event. However, the major positive news is that the games will be going ahead, and we will get to see the best athletes from around the world taking each other on, for an event that they have trained their entire lives for. It is set to take place in Tokyo, Japan and the event will be starting on July 23rd, before finishing on August 8th. This will be the second of these incredible sporting events to take place in 2021 and what a summer it has been for sports fans world-wide.