Accessories to protect your smartphone

See which items can help you avoid damage throughout the day.

Clumsiness may be a charming and funny feature in some people, but it can definitely cause minor (or major) damages. Even if that is not your case, and you are not familiarized with that common scene of dropping your smartphone right in your face while scrolling, it is always advisable to protect it.

Now, you may wonder how to protect your smartphone beside trying to hold it correctly. Thus, here is a list of certain accessories options for avoiding damages to your smartphone (or yourself).

1 –  Cases

Let us start with the basics. Cases are the first item to get once you have a smartphone. Some companies, like Samsung, even include a simple transparent case on the products boxes.

Yet, there is a wide range of cases you can choose from. If you already know you are as clumsy as a rom-com movie main character, the best thing to do is getting a quality anti-shock case.

If you can manage to keep your phone on your hands, you can choose from a wide range of silicon cases or, to level up the elegance, a leather one.

2 – Screen protectors

Even with a phone case and gorilla glasses, it is really important to give the smartphone screen another level of protection. This applies not only to the frontal screen: it is also essential to provide the same care to the lens on the back of the phone.

Glass screen protectors will not prejudice the touch response and are very important to avoid cracks that can affect inner parts or connectors. Some smartphones have a glass that can be easily replaced. Nevertheless, in other cases, the whole piece with video card and chips must be changed if there is damage.

3 – Phone grips

Smartphones have become considerably bigger lately. Thereby, some people find it difficult to perfectly accommodate it in one hand. In this case, phone grips are an updated version of the pop sockets, that emerged as a solution to a better fitting and more secure one-hand holding.

Due to its foldable design, it does not stand out permanently, which could be a nuisance when you wanted to put your phone in your pocket or a small purse. For its retractile strip, phone grips allow you to unfold it only while using, adding no more unwanted volume. It can also match the phone case you choose, making it visually appealing.

4 – Phone stand

Whether you use your phone mainly for work purposes, including Zoom meetings, or as a TikToker and Instagrammer, you will probably face a situation where you need to keep your phone still, unable to use your hands, and in a position you could be seen properly.

Phone stands are the solution for situations where you can not use your hands for holding your smartphone, yet need it to be still for recording or reading. This will prevent you from trying to build a Lego-like structure with books and other objects to leave your smartphone as you need, which usually ends up with a phone falling on the floor.

5 – Pop sockets

For the pop sockets fans, it is still around. For some, it is almost therapeutic to keep popping it even if you are not using it at the moment, like bubble wrap.

Nowadays, pop sockets can be more than an accessory to avoid dropping your phone. There are versions in which you can even put stuff inside it, like pills or earphones. It is a great asset for not losing your wireless earphones ever again.