Advantages and Disadvantages of Facial Steamers

Facial steamers are an effective tool for battling varying skin conditions, notably acne and blackheads. The idea of using steam to open up clogged skin pores and removing any impurities sounds tempting. Well, sure it is and useful as well. However, are there any cons facial steamers hold for us? Let’s find out. Get good prices on Facial Steamers in Sri Lanka at


  • Makes us look younger

With regular facial steaming, your skin gets a sufficient dose of oxygen and nutrients via blood. As a result, the aging signs of the skin can be slowed down or even reserved to some extent. The skin becomes healthier while gradually hiding any wrinkles and leaving behind rosy cheeks.

  • Glowing and healthier skin

One of the most fundamental reasons to use facial steamers is due to their ability to clear pores in our skin. Anything blocking your pores is either forced out entirely or partially. Finally, you get clear and healthier skin that will readily respond to other skin treatments. Regular facial streamer users report softer skin with a smoother appearance and naturally glowing skin.

  • Makes your face relaxed

Thanks to gentle heat, facial streamers provide an enjoyable, relaxing experience. The touch of warm steam creates a soothing sensation. Additionally, you can add any scents or herbs to enhance the steaming session further. A facial steamer will automatically propagate warm steam on your face while you sit and enjoy the feeling of calmness.

  • Economical treatment

Facial steamers are right for your budget just as good they are for your skin. Once you buy one, you don’t have to spend an extra penny on the treatment. All you need is some water and electricity to generate steam. It’ll save you money from going to expensive spas or facial saunas.

  • Acne prevention

Acne is a skin problem faced by a large portion of people worldwide. Though there are a lot of treatments for acne ranging from medications to home remedies. However, a facial steamer is probably the most convenient one of such treatments that effectively battles factors leading to acne breakout.


  • Not suitable for very sensitive skin types

Sensitive skins, especially the ones suffering from eczema or rosacea, should not be subjected to facial steaming. Otherwise, sudden blood rushing towards the face can cause further inflammation or redness, making the conditions even worse. The heat can be specifically irritating for such skin types leading to dryness and overall negative results.

  • Not always effective

The skin condition we may be hoping to treat through facial steaming may have varying causes. Some conditions like acne or blemishes may have a hereditary or hormonal connection. For instance, some skin problems arise during puberty and menstruation, and therefore, facial steamers might not be much effective in such cases.

  • Facial steamers alone are not enough

Facial steamers are merely a source of warm steam. Although, you’ll still be able to enjoy the benefits of heat and steam alone that won’t do much. Facial steaming is notably effective when used with some skin products such as moisturizers, pore strips, masks, or blackhead removal tools.


Whether facial steamers are the right choice depends entirely on you. On the one hand, we can ignore the extensive set of skin benefits they offer, but at the same time, we need to wary of our skin types. If you find your skin to be very delicate to such treatments, its best to avoid it. Moreover, facial steamers must be used only once or twice a week. Don’t overuse it or else a dry, harsh skin awaits you.