All The Things You Should Know About The Vatican’s Pio Clementino Museum

Vatican city is well known for the museums and such cultural sites. Thousands of people plan to visit the state to spend holidays and gather information regarding the historical aspects of Rome. You will find several museums there but the Vatican’s Pio Clementino Museum is of great importance. If you are interested to visit this place then check out the important information and things to do in this attractive historical place. You can check more about museum information at here

History of Vatican’s Pio Clementino Museum

The museum was created in 1771 by Pope Clement XIV. He placed the collection of different objects from Italian families. When it was first formed it had small space. Later on, Pope Pio Vi modified the place and placed some other exceptional monuments that are the point of interest for many visitors. The 12 roomed museum contains art masterpieces that are incredible and unique. The different rooms with their art monuments are

The Apoxyomenos Room

One of the important room is the Apoxyomenos room that consists of art pieces of people of different eras. Here you will find the masterpieces of Classical and Hellenistic periods. The interesting fact about the room is the painting of the young athlete while bathing. In ancient Rome people used to do a scrub with olive oil and scrap off with strigil. The same is shown in the painting. Plus, you will see the sculpture of Agrippa thermal bath reserved for many years.

The Octagon Yard: the Apollo del Belvedere

Octagon yard represents the Apollo del Belvedere statue that was created in the Hellenistic period. You will find many other artworks. It is the best example of proportion and harmony for the human figure.

Lacoön and His Sons


This amazing statue portrays a scene from the classical Latin novel, the Eneide, where the priest Laocoon and his children are attacked by snakes that kill them all. This work of art is considered one of the biggest pieces displayed in the Vatican Museums.

Previously the Laocoon and His son’s statue was placed in the Emperor Titus mansion but later on, in 16th century Pope Giulio II found I and placed in this museum. It is the great artwork that is placed in this museum.

The Sculptures Gallery: the Mattei Amazon

Mattei amazon is another artwork that is present at the Pio Clementine museum at Sculptures gallery. The sculpture is about the Amazon while climbing her horse during holding his spear,

The Masks Room: the Aphrodite of Cnidus

In this room, you will meet the Aphrodite original A copy. It is written that the original Aphrodite was created by the Greek sculptor Prassitele. The sculpture is about the goddess Aphrodite as she is about to take a bath.

There is a lot more to see in the museum. You can take a guide from the site. Here you will not only get information about museums in the Vatican city but other cities like Barcelona. Read it and have complete information before moving for your trip.