All You Need To Know About a Facelift- Makeover

Most people want to get done a facelift procedure to diminish their aging signs like wrinkles, jowls, and facial hollows. In men and women both, aging causes the tissue to lose elasticity and develop less natural collagen.

Short facial bones, loose skin around the mouth, neck, and brow are common issues of aging that encourage people to get a Facelift Toronto procedure. Although it is popular to assume that only ‘older folks’ have facial lifts, consumers span ages and genders. Some individuals encounter these problems earlier than others due to biology, lifestyle, and weight fluctuations. Fortunately, the modern methods of facelift surgery are flexible and completely customizable. An individual approach to facial rejuvenation can provide just what you need and nothing that you do not need, regardless of your needs and goals.

How many types of facelift procedures?

Facelift procedure has two types as follows:

  1. Non-Surgical Facelift

Non-surgical facelifts procedures generally produce temporary outcomes. They include wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, and laser and ultrasound skin lifting with Ultherapy. Such treatments are usually effective for diminishing early signs of aging. They are completely non-invasive and wide ranges of options are available to choose from. Clients can make a comprehensive plan with these wide options that suit your desires. The most popular treatments are hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and injectable neuromodulators. They have been proven to dramatically re-volumize and smooth the face. The combination of both these treatments is called “liquid facelift”. In most cases, you can get this procedure done in your lunch break, and return immediately to your work with minimal discomfort.

  1. Surgical Facelift

A surgical facelift involves lifting of the brow, cheeks, and eyes to the neck and jawline. A little sagging can be addressed with a mini-lift procedure.  It is less invasive and targets only in particular areas, it’s also very economical. On the other hand, complete facial lifting is the only way for people who have more significant signs of aging that span the chin, mouth, and cheek region. The result is permanent.

Can I get multiple procedures for face-lifting?

Some patients choose to have more than one treatment one after another, including an eyelift or a brow lift, etc. You have to take one-time anesthesia and pay facilities fee if you can mix more than one treatment safely, and you’ll only need one block off to recover. For these simple reasons, many busy people prefer the combination approach.