Are Online Home Tuition Classes Helpful?

Clearing an exam with a high score takes a lot of time and effort. Preparing for Board exams requires considerable patience and dedication on the student’s part. Getting a high score in Class 10 Board exams demands conceptual knowledge of important subjects, careful study and practicing from prior years’ question papers. Home tuition is the key to help a student in preparing for these exams and gives him/her an edge over other batch mates. 

As a student who is on the threshold of Board exams, you are the best judge to decide whether you want to study on your own or refer to online tutoring to score well in the exams. As a matter of fact, taking home tuition through online learning platforms like BYJU’S is advantageous in numerous ways, such as:

  1. Online tutoring is pretty engaging: Nowadays, kids love to use technology. They’re willing to participate in training sessions, which gives them the opportunity to use the internet. As they start learning lessons through online mode, they are more interested in solving problems and hence, become more focused in their studies. Besides, this helps the tutor in understanding the student’s learning style too.
  2. Saves time, energy and transit cost: By taking up home tuitions through online tutoring, you are able to access the classes from the comfort of your home and simultaneously avoid the difficulties of commuting to conventional coaching centres.
  3. Focus on areas which need more attention: As you progress with your home tuition, you are in a better position to clarify your doubts and questions to the tutor. Your tutor captures your weaknesses and devotes more attention to those areas, so that you can fix your issues at the earliest.
  4. Useful for students residing in remote areas: Online tutoring is convenient and easy for those students who stay in remote areas, where there may be a dearth of good teachers and tutors. 
  5. Flexible classes: Just in case you’ve missed an important class due to some unforeseen circumstance, you’re eligible to request for a session on that particular topic or subject and attend it at the time allocated to you.
  6. Affordable fees: As the infrastructural costs of conducting online sessions are minimal, parents enjoy the benefit of paying competitive tuition fees to the tutors. Moreover, students don’t need to travel long distances to attend the class and save money on fuel as well. 
  7. Recording of online tutorials: This is the biggest advantage of online tutoring as a student can record the video lecture sessions and replay it as and when they get stuck on a particular topic. Further, this also helps students to revise their lessons just before the exam and have a competitive edge over their peers.

Are you wondering about the best online tutoring platform, which is highly effective for young students to understand key concepts and score well in the Board exams? Download BYJU’S – The Learning App for some comprehensive counseling and guidance by our teachers and make learning an interesting journey of knowledge.