Are Wifi Baby Monitors Safe for Your Babies

Of course, you always want to keep an eye on your babies because you do not want something bad to happen to your babies when you leave them sleeping or playing. If you want to always monitor your babies, then you need to install a baby monitor. A baby monitor is a special CCTV camera that will record your baby’s activities. However, many people wonder if baby monitors are safe for babies because today’s baby monitors use Wifi to transmit data. Are Wifi baby monitors safe to use for a long time?

Safety Consideration of Using Baby Monitors

What do parents usually concern when using baby monitors? When we talk about the safety of using baby monitors, then you may have to consider two things, they are health safety and hacking security. You can read more about it at

 How it can influence health? Well, when you choose a wifi baby monitor, you have to consider the electromagnetic wave that is produced by the device. According to research, microwave radiation can endanger people’s health. It says that radiation coming from radiofrequency can cause brain cancer. When you turn on the baby monitor, it will start transmitting data via the WiFi network that is spreading all around the room continuously. Meanwhile, a little baby is still vulnerable and he or she has a weak immune system. That’s why many parents think twice before using a wifi baby monitor.

What about hacking security? On the other hand, some people also worry about hacking security. They are afraid of getting hacked by other people. Not to mention, when you choose wifi baby monitor, it is possible to get hacked. But, what is the purpose of hacking a baby monitor? Even though hackers may hack it, they may not do it because it has no point. It even does not influence the baby condition and they cannot hurt the baby by hacking it.

A Few Things to Use Wifi Baby Monitors Safely

How to use a wifi baby monitor so that it will not harm your babies? Though the WiFi network can be dangerous for health, you can still use it safely, especially when you want to use a baby monitor. The most important thing to consider when you want to use a wifi baby monitor is to buy a good baby monitor that has the lowest radiation. You can read some baby monitor reviews on the internet to find the best one. Even though you cannot avoid the radiation, at least you get the lowest one but it still has good quality. Also, when you want to install or mount the baby monitor, you have to make sure that the baby monitor is far from the baby. You can put the baby monitor on the ceiling or wall, but it is not close to the baby.

Finally, are wifi baby monitors safe? Well, the safety of using a baby monitor depends on how you put the baby monitor. It is also important to choose the right product that does not emit high radiation. Also, make sure that you keep the distance so that the baby is not close to the device.