Art in childhood development: The importance of art in child development

The role of art in child development is more important than you imagine. On the one hand, artistic activities encourage the learning of other disciplines, such as reading or mathematics, and on the other hand, they favour the development of perception, motor coordination, and social interaction.

According to the experts, through music, dance and body expression, children transmit ideas and feelings. In addition, psychologists agree that introducing yourself to art is positive at any age. However, the childhood is the ideal time to teach children the different artistic disciplines.  They exist because of their great capacity to easily absorb any type of learning.

The importance of art in child development

Next, we’ll see what the impact of art is on child development.

The music

The musical language is universal, and children who live in contact with music obtain several advantages. Among other things, they learn to live better with other children, they learn to relax and their hearing capacity is stimulated.

Music favours learning through children’s songs, in which rhymes and repetitions are continuous and accompanied by gestures when singing. Through funny way, children can enrich their vocabulary, and better understand the meaning of words.

Singing songs for babies and listening to music with them, in addition to producing physiological changes, favours the development of a strong emotional bond with parents, and it stimulates your emotional intelligence.

Drawing and painting

Drawing and painting are two artistic activities that allow the child to improve in many areas. Drawing on Birds colouring pages help to develop fine psychomotricity, writing, reading, creativity, and increase self-confidence. You will find various species from different countries and continents.

In addition, these disciplines are an excellent way for the child to express their feelings, emotions and sensations. It contributes significantly to the formation of your personality and psychological maturity.

To promote natural creativity, LOL Surprise logo that you can colour in any way you like. With it, the child can give free rein to his imagination and his personal way of expressing himself. For this, it is recommended to facilitate access to different materials, such as crayons, modelling clay, paints and watercolours, and to different drawing supports such as paintings, murals, cardboard, and fabric.

The theatre

Another way to introduce art to child development is through theatre. Practicing this discipline helps children learn values ​​such as respect and tolerance. In children’s theatre, children stage plays in which they have to put themselves in the shoes of people very different from them. In this way, your mental openness will be inspired. The theatre can also open the door to imagination and creation. While these benefits can be achieved simply by taking the child to a play, they will be amplified if the child acts himself.

Body expression

Through movement and body language, children improve and favour their physical development:  healthy body growth, safe handling, flexibility, and the development of natural abilities to move, run, jump and turn. They also acquire the balance, coordination and control necessary for their evolutionary development.