Award-Winning Pasta Sauces

Walk into any pasta restaurant, and you will notice a handful of pasta dishes such as Alfredo and Bolognese on the menu. This meal pleases almost everyone, so it is always good to understand how to spice up everything with the right sauce. 

The good thing is that pasta sauce doesn’t have to be fussy and complicated to taste good. In fact, some of the best pasta sauces are made from simple ingredients. 

In this post, we discuss some of the best pasta sauces that can dress up any size and shape of pasta. Add them to your favorite pasta meal, and you will have something so tasty and delicious.



A simple tomato sauce will always pair well with any pasta. With Marinara, you get to enjoy a perfect blend of garlic, fresh herbs, and tomatoes simmered together to perfection. This simple sauce will make your home smell like an authentic Italian pasta restaurant

It is simple to prepare and makes your pasta so delicious. While commercial Marinara works fine, it is hard to beat the homemade version of the sauce. 

The classic recipe requires not more than five ingredients and takes less than 20 minutes to prepare. Marinara homemade sauce is best when used with spaghetti since it ensures you get plenty of taste out of each bite.


  • Brown Butter


Don’t be surprised by this selection. Brown butter is one of the best one-ingredient pasta sauces you will come across. The brown butter sauce comes together in minutes and can make any bowl of noodles feel a little bit fancier. 

If you are preparing your sauce at home, simply melt a small portion of butter in your saucepan and cook it for a few minutes until it gains a toasted-brown hue and smells nutty. 

Different types of pasta pair well with this sauce, but ravioli is usually the best pick.


  • Ragu


Are you looking for ways to make your Marinara sauce fancier and tastier? Then amp it up with some ground meat, and you will have a good-tasting Ragu sauce on your hands. 

To obtain the best meat sauce, make sure you simmer it low and slow so that the tasty juices from your meat have plenty of time to flavor your pasta sauce.  You can let it cook in the slow cooker or spend your afternoon watching it do its thing on a stove.  

Bolognese offers the perfect pairing with Ragu, but you can also use it with other types of pasta.  Although polenta is not pasta, it can also pair well with Ragu sauce.


  • Pesto


The fresh and good-smelling mix of olive oil, garlic, basil, cheese, and nuts is an easy sauce favorite for a lot of people out there. 

Mastering how to make a good basil pesto will not only give you a quick pasta sauce to add to your noodles but also offers something you can use to dress up pizza and even combine with your chicken salad. 

You can also use it to swipe on sandwiches. Pesto pairs well with orecchiette, fusilli, or penne. However, spaghetti can still work well with the sauce.