Ayahuasca and Covid—19 Lockdown : Peruvian Vine Rapidly helps severely depressed people

Due to the pandemic of corona virus, the entire life has come to standstill all over the world. The countries have imposed strict lockdowns to ensure social distancing in order to control this deadly disease. However, the lockdown is having a severe mental impact on many people around the world sending them into bouts of anger, frustration, confusion, loneliness and depression. It is all the more difficult for people who are stuck in other cities or town or even countries, unable to go home to their families. Depression is one of the deadliest clinical ailments of all times, particularly in the present tough times.

How natural remedies help cure depressions

ayahuasca is one of the naturally  occurring plants found in the Amazonian rainforests which helps to cure the most severe form of depressions. This kind of morbidity and dejection is setting in fast among the people in this condition of lockdown. So this Peruvian liana comes to the rescue to help people overcome their sources of dejection and depression. As is mentioned, depression and unhappiness can come as curses and even counselors and therapists may be unable to help. So this is where the yage brew comes into perspective. This healing drink apparently has been known to decrease the levels of depression significantly and made it last for a considerable period of time. It is of extreme importance to keep a positive mindset to keep things going for self and family, particularly during this testing period of pandemic lockdown. This liana is made into a brew by the experienced tribal shamans of the Amazon using different recipes.  It consists of DMT which sends the individual into a totally new level of consciousness with an altered mindset and a different view of life. Blocking two brain receptors is part of this natural anti depression cure. In fact, the effects are often unpleasant, traumatic and immediate such as nausea, dizziness and a sense of isolation. But many have reported feeling extremely rejuvenated afterwards.


It is certainly important to seek good cures for your depression. But it is equally imperative to note that the ayahuasca is compatible with your medical and mental conditions. You can come to know lots more by reading the write ups published by the Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. So take the help of this Peruvian plant and cure your blues permanently for a happy life ahead.