Basic SEO Tips for Enhancing Salon Ranking on Google

SEO or search engine optimization process allows Google bots to find and understand your site offers during searches for your business. For example, if your spa salon is in Sydney and someone comes looking for a ‘Spa in Sydney’ then Google will wish to rank your site in the result page that will be shown to the user. People always do instant Google searches while researching for the best salons in Sydney. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your website is featured on the first page of SERPs. 

The solution is digital marketing because customers are increasingly available on social channels. Bleen is an online directory dedicated to small and large businesses in Australia. Besides, social channels you can use local directories, blog posts, content writing, etc. to enhance your salon ranking on Google.

Basic SEO tips for improving salon ranking on Google

Ensure mobile optimization

The majority of searches are done via Smartphones, so it is crucial for your site design to work on every kind of screen. Google appreciated a mobile-friendly website and if you ignore this factor then the bots will rank your competitors with responsive web designs higher in searches. 

SEO services agency Busy Fox can help you in designing the most updated responsive website. They offer an array of services including SEO, web development, marketing, social media marketing, copywriting, and more. Book a free consultation and take steps to enhance your site’s overall performance on Google. 

Check website’s loading speed

Google is always changing its algorithm to better user experience on its platform. A slow-loading page frustrates visitors and they leave instantly. An increase in bounce rate indicates a bad user experience. So, check your site for loading speed.

There are a couple of causes that can slow your website loading speed.

  • Large video and image files – Fix the size prior to uploading images. Embed videos through YouTube instead of hosting them on your site.
  • Hosting, plugins & updates – Hosting service providers’ server performance can impact load speed, so switch to a better hosting plan or service provider. Remove extra add-on and unused plugins to improve site speed. Update website version, security app, and plugins regularly. 

Use proper keywords

Specific keywords help users and search engines to find your website. Target keywords are profitable and ensure to mention your location. E.g. – if your spa salon is in Dymocks Sydney, then you desire to have your site found in relevant local searches. So, have content been created that includes location information along with target keywords.

SEO optimization

For SEO and web design Australia approach the professionals at Busy Fox. They ensure that your Meta titles, Meta descriptions, headings, subheadings, and content are well optimized for search engine and user experience. You can even approach them for content writing and social media marketing services. 

Enhance URL structure

Website content as well as your internet address [URL] is also taken into consideration by Google bots. Ensure that your site address is identifiable using target keywords, which makes it easy for Google to find you and rank top on search result pages. 

SEO efforts are always rewarded!